Monday, November 4, 2013

November Bohemian Bisoux giveaway $50

I have always been an avid novelty brooch (pin) collector.  I still have childhood memories of some favorites that were so well loved that they escaped from my woollen sweaters and little button up blouses.  I now organize them in boxes and drawers per season.  I have some really weird ones, including gold tigers that drape over my shoulder and stitched green leather cat with a mink fur tail!  Lately Bohemian Bisoux has filled her shop with brooches that loom as if they had jumped out of my boxes and swam all the way to the us into her shop!

Since novelty brooches can be pricey, I am hoping this $50 gift certificate giveaway will enable you to begin your collection of novelty brooches!  Otherwise there are some beautiful clothing items for all the clothing admirers hehe.

1) Must be or become a follower of my blog.  Tell me how you are following!
2) Announce this giveaway on facebook, twitter, blog, tumblr, email friends...anywhere you can...the more places the more chances you have of winning.
3) Describe or post the best novelty brooch you own 
or which Bohemian Bisoux brooch is your favorite?

Open to all countries

Entries are closed on next Monday the 11th of November at midnight
Winner will be announced the next day!



niki said...

you truly have the BEST accessories! my best novelty brooches are a tiny beaded leather moccasin, a matching baby in a papoose and a turquoise tomahawk. they are so delicate and beautiful, i'm scared to wear them! (ps i've been following your blog for years! i've been using feedly to read it!)

Mary Van Note said...

I follow through Feedly and FB and everywhere you lurk ; ) Bohemian has such great pieces. I've been obsessed with wood and plastic and felt brooches. My newest acquisitions include a wooden bowling ball that hits a bunch of bakelite pins, a singer sewing machine with sewing notions dangling, and a pin with my name on in wire wrapped around mother of pearl with a dangly star! I'll announce it on Twitter!

Rebecca Weinberger said...

I follow through blogger / google! I've been an admirer or Bohemian Bisoux for a while now! She's always got such fantastic treasures! Her selection of brooches right now are so fun, though I can't decide if I like the Balalaika brooch or the dog head brooch the best! My favourite out of my own collection would have to be my leather hand sewn two doggies brooch from the 30s or my 60s red lobster brooch (because it reminds me of Schiapperelli) :P. I've also shared this contest on my facebook page and twitter!

julia said...

I follow you through blogger! aaaaaaaaaaand I totally love all of these brooches. Hands down my favourite is this one though:

Jamie "ChatterBlossom" said...

Yay! I follow you through Bloglovin' now. I tweeted the giveaway here:

My favorite brooch is that little happy donkey. Thank you!!



Georgia said...

I follow you through Feedly, I can screencap it if you want proof? Not sure how else to do it!

Definitely the horse from Bohemian Bisoux.

Meghan Venables said...

I follow you on Bloglovin and I have tweeted the giveaway:
and I have posted it on tumblr:
I unfortunately don't have a novelty brooch collection but I am looking forward to starting one soon, and I hope that I can start it with the Fido brooch from Bohemian Bisoux.
Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! xo

Holly Radunz said...

I follow your blog through good old blogger, and see you on Facebook, I tweeted your rad competition. I Instagrammed my favourite brooches, here they are below, heaps good! I made them myself because you're certainly right about novelty jewellery being expensive.

Rebecca said...

Of course I follow you lovely! On blogger I think? I love this!!

Rebecca said...

I also just shared this on Facebook. ;)

rayzilla said...

i'm following on google friend connect :)

rayzilla said...

i have so many old animal brooches that belonged to my mom, but i have a few from my great aunt who passed them down to me :) one in particular reminds me of a snowflake with lovely blue stones, they're very dear to me

brigette barrager said...

She has some really fantastic ones in her shop! I love those hazelnuts, but the dog head is also pretty fine. My favorite from my person collection is a tiny rotary telephone: the base of the phone is attached to the earpiece by a tiny little chain. Its former owner had written their initials on it with a ball point pen!

jennifer said...

following gfc as jen j

this is my fave brooch

also shared on fb


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