Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flower Mohawk hat

Im in a green mood

Dress: 1940s wool with gold faux pockets formed by fabulous studs
Hat: 1940s
Bracelet: Victorian 1880's
Lion Earrings: 1940s clip ons, 
with green gem eyes and tiny rhinestone details in the mane
Nail polish: ysl nail duo
Eyeshadow: Illamasqua
Lipstick: first photo: ysl

Yay sooo excited for my Halloween party on Sunday!!!!!!!!
Pictures of my party will be posted on Tuesday
Monday will be another giveaway, make sure to enter the giveaway this week !!
Only 8 have entered so you have a good chance of winning!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Antique show with mad men style competition




I went the Almeda point vintage show with Mary
We found many goodies (Ive already posted quite few already)
And of course took pictures of their Mad Men competition

It was pretty cute because 
they set up a little lounge and desk area
for photos

The couple on the far right won, and received all the seasons of mad men
..Mary and I won free tickets to the next Alemda antique fair!!

I tried a combination of Rachel's hat and Joan's dress below 

Both Mad Men stills from Tom and Lorenzo

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yay!!! The winner of Fashion to Figure...

The winner of the Fashion to Figure giveaway is:

I will contact you via etsy for the details later this evening!!

Dont forget the  the giveaway Im doing here

Monday, October 25, 2010

Vintage shop $40 giveaway: Beta Boutique ******entries closed*******

Yes!!! Another fabulous vintage etsy shop giveaway!
and yes, there are still more to come!!!

Beta boutique is offering a $40 gift certificate
Enter right away, because entires close on Nov. 1st

I love her sources of inspiration..they reflect so well in the clothing she finds:

Sources of inspiration:

*popart, fauvism and soviet kitsch in aestetical aspect
*animal collective, the books, celebration, beirut, grizzly bear in music
*kafka, kharms, cocteau in literature
*golden age of hollywood, french new wave, 

italian neo-realism, contemporary asian and scandinavian cinema

This time the clothing is from the 1950s-1980s (her interests confirm this)

There is a little more of a mod feeling to this shop, which I like!
 I will share the items from Beta Boutique's shop, that Id like to complete my 
Fashion Forestry mod  fall wardrobe:

Vintage handmade classy REAL FUR LEOPARD print COAT KATE MOSS or JACKIE ONASSIS style, size Small, Medium, size S / M

Vintage handmade 1950s honey BROWN and WHITE polka dot Autumn DANCING DRESS with FULL SKIRT, size Small, XS, Petite

Vintage sheer BLACK RUFFLED flamenco blouse, size Medium, M

Vintage black SUEDE PIXIE BOOTIES with PLUM purple FOX  FUR, size 5 1/2 , EUR 35

Vintage 60s   JADE or absinthe GREEN very vintage long sleeve PARISIAN lined dress, size Small/ Medium

Vintage georgette BLACK FIELD of FLOWERS colorful RUSSIAN BABUSHKA style blouse, size Medium, size M

Vintage Fancy EMERALD green fitted MINI  sculptured PARTY dress, size Small, S


To win please comment about:

1) How you are following me
2) Where you linked this competition, whether its on your blog, facebook, or twitter. (more of these gives you extra entries)
3) Its sooo close to Halloween
So post a link to the best halloween costume you have ever created or have seen

The winner from last weeks Fashion to Figure giveaway
will be announced on Wednesday the 27th (on time I promise!!)


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