Friday, March 30, 2012

Sparkle and Fringe














I couldn't help it!!!!!!! I had to wear the outfit again!

These were both amazing and super funny nights out
with my super talented friends:  KengKeng and Morgan

My dress wouldn't have it any other way!

PS Im really into my newest interior organization!  Stay tuned for more peeks...

Outfit details:

Dress: Top Shop
Headpiece: Handmade and designed by me Nicole Eymard haha
Shoes: Top Shop
Knee highs: Primark

Thursday, March 29, 2012





Outfit details:

Dress: 1960s with the best collar and sleeves!!!!!!!!
Shoes and Socks: Top Shop
Headpiece: 1960s white Jasmine flowers
Purse: Late 1950s early 1960s Wicker frog purse with marble eyes and plastic coated wicker worn previously here
Brooch: Late 1940s early 1950s clear guitar pin with actual strings previously worn Here 

Indian Princess party:

I have been gone becasue I am lucky enough that london has kept me super busy with photoshoots and collections!  To make up for time lost I come bearing the gift of a Indian Princess Party!!!  I want to meet the bloggers of London!!! I'm sure the blog ladies I have already contacted would just as thrilled! Add me on Facebook with a little note and link to your blog, and if we are already friends write me a quick note to tell me how silly I am for not adding you to the invite list already!  The spaces are filling up and we are deciding the date still towards the end  of April it seems...

Here are the exciting details:

Please come in full on Indian Princess attire (I'm going to drape all kinds of fabric on myself 
which I think is the easiest solution, we will be making accessories so dont worry about that!!!)

Everyone needs to bring some kind of bright (fake or real) flowers 
so we can all take part in a color and flower explosion!!!!!!! Extra alcohol is always welcome ahahah

Indian dinner, Indian princess barbie cake, Indian princess alcohol, Indian princess craft, projects, Bollywood music, and more.....

Hahah my past parties: Valentines Day Halloween Blogger cuties

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Behind the scenes Peter Pan collection I designed For Audrey Grace

Hat and purse hand made by me Nicole Eymard
Dress by wayward daughter  

Dress by Vivetta, headpiece  hand made and designed  by me Nicole Eymard  

Dress  hand made and designed by me Nicole Eymard

headpiece and purse hand made and designed by me 
Dress by Vivetta 

Hat hand made and designed by me Nicole Eymard 

Bralette hand made (beaded) and designed by me Nicole Eymard

Cape hand made and designed by me Nicole Eymard  Moon hat made by Katie Eleanor

Hat hand made and designed by me Nicole Eymard dress peaking out Lady pertrova

Up close of the accessories made by me:

Behind the scenes photo shoot with Katie Eleanor
For Audrey Grace Boutique
Hair and Makeup: Alice Moore
Styling Assistant:Kirsten Dalton

Model: Annie
Behind the scenes taken by: (Non photographer ) Me hahah
(Real photography coming soon by Katie Eleanor!)

Two more behind the scenes photoshoots  coming soooon!

I Designed a mini collection again for Audrey Grace Boutique  inspired by 1930s Peter pan watercolor illustrations.  I will put inspiration and sketches up soon!  

You can buy everything above at Audrey Grace Boutique which is opening  a pop up soon see below:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Walking breathing garden








Photos takes in: 

Photos taken by:

Pierre Eymard

Outfit Details (lots of stuff I have had forever apparently!!):

Coat:  1960s carpet coat ~ Random ebay purchase a million years ago
Hat: 1960s floral bow number ~ bought when I was like 19 in a weird shop
Purse: 1950s parasol / umbrella pink wicker hand bag (first wicker figural handbag I ever bought)
Belt: 1950s gold scales with metal flower in the center~ from goodwill 10 thousand years ago
Boots: Primark again ahahha
Tunic:  1959 curly pink wool tunic ~ one of my first ebay purchaces in my life
Umbrella:  1960s floral ~ Replacement umbrella to the one stolen in Stoke Newington

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Creeping in Harringay Passage







Photos takes in: 
Harringay Passage

Photos taken by:
Pierre Eymard

Outfit Details:
Blouse:  Haha Anthropologie !
Hat: 1940s emerald green fur felt with pheasant wings
Fish hanging from purse: 1930s bakelite fish button and chain snap closure 
Purse: 1980s molded black leather shell
Booties: Rainboots by Vivienne Westwood for Mellissa  
Pants/Trousers: American Apparel

Monday, March 5, 2012

Dog Cat Mouse









Photos takes in: 
An alley by Museum street in London.  Look at the gorgeous, lightly painted mural in the background!

Photos taken by:
Pierre Eymard

Outfit Details:
Purse: 1950s Faux mice playing cards on a blanket with little tiny hats ~ From a random ebay purchase a million years ago.
Hat: 1940s felt flowers From ~ Bohemian Bisoux
Brooch: 70s lucite resin cat or dog ~ From: bakelite cache
Dress: 1960s cat poly knit with ruffle peter pan collar buttons and ruffle cuffs.  The empire waits basically hits my natural waist hahah! ~ From: the vintage expo (I miss you boo hoo)
Shoes: 1940s the detailing kills me + I am a huuuuuge fan of white shoes ~ From: female hysteria
Coat: Late 1960s scallop faux fur, aqua color wool, golf-esque buttons! ~ From Ashley Miller


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