Friday, January 30, 2009

New hat

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School work has been 
the death of me
All I have been doing is working on projects
the items will soon be posted

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Night out

My fabulous friend Marilou
invited me to see the
Les Hatepinks

here we are loving the music

Pierre Marilou Me

IMG_3101 by you.

this is what I wore

1940's shirt
and hm skirt
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1920 appliques and Japan Town Heaven

I was so excited when
I found these
1920 felt appliques

I stuck them
an on my dress

ps crazy hair and glasses day

IMG_3018 by you.

My friend told me about
amazing japan town stores

I jumped into the above outfit

When I arrived
I was extremely excited!

In every corner of both stores
I found amazing little
objects for about 4$ and under!!!

Here is a tiny portion of my
Japan Town splurge

IMG_3102 by you.

orange shaped
lip gloss
and pastel
plastic sushi grass!

IMG_3116 by you.

IMG_3108 by you.

I am inspired by these
tiny fish containers

IMG_3107 by you.

Golden Sake!
I'm so girly..

IMG_3113 by you.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Green Ballet with serious lipstick

This lipstick changes everything

IMG_3044 by you.

IMG_3041 by you.
IMG_3059 by you.

Ive developed a new unhealthy relationship
with a site called rubylane
I found this 1930 pin
dancing with other treasures
(like the chartreuse 1940 dress below)

sshot-2009-01-09-[12-58-00] by you.

I've been tagged by trishhunterfinds

*Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures
*Pick the 4th picture in that folder
*Explain the picture
*Tag 4 people to do the same.


OK well this picture is
a blurry and creepy
depiction of a skeleton

no other explanation

5 addictions

Hmmm....which would be what
I'm searching for on ebay
as of late
and everything else

(in no particular order)

1)1930-1940 anything
(recent color obsession in the decades chartreuse)

sshot-2009-01-17-[09-25-01] by you.

sshot-2009-01-17-[09-26-38] by you.sshot-2009-01-17-[09-26-49] by you.

2) My husband of 4 years Pierre

IMG_2415 by you.

IMG_2439 by you.

sshot-2009-01-15-[15-40-56] by you.

pinkdressIMG_2966 by you.

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3) Fabric (My wall of Fabric)

IMG_0525 by you.

4) Mysterious scary movies
(M. Night Shyamalan)

5) My foxy lady friend Clementine

IMG_2543 by you.

IMG_2898 by you.

I tag

under-developed in the mind
Olive Tree

Thursday, January 15, 2009

doll makeup

Ive seen Lenci dolls before
and fell in love with their felt outfits

But until I saw these particular dolls
I never put two and two together
I look EXACTLY like them
and outfits haha

sshot-2009-01-12-[10-01-02] by you.
sshot-2009-01-12-[10-09-12] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[10-54-34] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[10-13-15] by you.sshot-2009-01-09-[13-37-22] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[09-45-27] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[09-44-54] by you.

pinkdressIMG_2813 by you.
IMG_1741 by you.IMG_9198 by you.
Lets not forget the Boudoir dolls!!!
they look less like me
but I have been taking makeup tips from them :)

sshot-2009-01-12-[11-42-03] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-25-04] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-18-48] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-15-21] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[10-58-48] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[10-57-44] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-46-58] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-13-50] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-46-26] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-36-27] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-43-07] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-38-23] by you.

eyeshadowIMG_2868 by you.boudoirIMG_2819 by you.


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