Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Process Time

Here are a few photos of my muslins
Everything is in a tan color so as to no be distracted by other design elements for now!

Dress:  Skirt is appliqued to bodice.  
There are two blocked felt shells 
that are appliqued to each breast area.

Coat:  Giant shell covers a scalloped V neckline, full circle skirt.

I had these lobster patches made to go down the arm of the coat grading down the arm in size

The above coat will be in these two colors!!  (the background is a little less orangy and more dusty colored)

shell vest is almost ready to be in final fabric, 
small photo shoot with my sister to keep me going:

outfit of the day
with purse that I had printed with one of my designs:  You can buy them on right side of my blog:

PS the notes carry on to the back!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentines Day

Sorry I haven't posted in many moons
The collection will be well worth it I believe..
I will post more of my processes soon

but until then...
here is my valentines outfit

I'm soo anxious about the collection

.....and excited!


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