Monday, May 25, 2009

The loss of my very important and expencive friends!!!

I lost
1 new swimsuit
new goggles
vintage floral swimcap
ALL of my make up
a favorite scarf

I am VERY upset
I have to replace everything 
2 days before 
my month long trip 


outfit pictures:

IMG_7706 by you.IMG_7705 by you.IMG_7721 by you.

funny bang effect

IMG_7940 by you.

new obsession:

1950 hoop earrings
and 1950 barbie double ponytail
short curly bangs
pale makeup colors

see below:

IMG_7974 by you.
IMG_7973 by you.IMG_7970 by you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

You can finally buy a piece of my designs

If you liked my mask design
You can buy a piece of it from my shop

The design comes in

oval (original)
The oval face is the only shape that
coms with the song notes on the back

Green T-ShirtSweatshirtWomen's Light T-ShirtWomen's Tank TopWomen's Tank TopYellow T-ShirtYellow T-Shirt


Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Women's Dark T-ShirtWomen's Fitted T-Shirt (dark)
Light T-Shirt

You can also buy 

It says maternity 
which is actually a tunic/short dress length 
with a great neckline

Maternity T-ShirtMaternity T-Shirt

a tote
Tote Bag

1 or 10 pack

or bottles

Sigg Water Bottle 1.0L

or stickers
Sticker (Oval)

I will design 
more during the summer!  
Stay tuned!

Tell me any of your suggestions

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Amazing party and fashion photography

I was invited to
fabulous fashion photography
she is very talented
I definately suggest 
looking at her beautiful work 
on her website

I made a dress just for the occassion
I designed drafted and sewed 
this beautiful 1940's fabric

 IMG_7622 by you.IMG_7620 by you.IMG_7612 by you.IMG_7629 by you.IMG_7631 by you.IMG_7630 by you.IMG_7636 by you.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The ususal

I finally have fully relaxed 

Now I can do whtever I want

Im working on some dresses and tops 
they will be up soon!

This summer I have to work on 
next years final collection
Im scared and excited


IMG_7599 by you.IMG_7595 by you.IMG_7594 by you.

IMG_7547 by you.IMG_7540 by you.

upclose of the shoes

Mod Carpet Sandals, Size 8 - 8.5

favorite new blouse

IMG_7442 by you.
IMG_7425 by you.
IMG_7417 by you.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Last projects

The birds and bees glove box

fringed the paper
made clear box
make grass edge box
make the flowers
designed the prints
printed the prints on organdy
made the little bees
made the glove and bow tie patterns

here it is:

IMG_6802 by you.IMG_6791 by you.IMG_6803 by you.IMG_6794 by you.IMG_6788 by you.IMG_6816 by you.IMG_6804 by you.IMG_6806 by you.IMG_6814 by you.IMG_6805 by you.IMG_6815 by you.IMG_6809 by you.IMG_6813 by you.

an outfit
that could certainly
go with any of the
gloves/bow ties

IMG_6702 by you.IMG_6688 by you.IMG_6709 by you.

Miniature screen printing fun

IMG_6101 by you.
IMG_6112 by you.IMG_6111 by you.IMG_6107 by you.IMG_6113 by you.IMG_6106 by you.IMG_6105 by you.IMG_6104 by you.IMG_6103 by you.IMG_6102 by you.

the tired artists at work

IMG_6109 by you.

The visual of my installation
of my conceptual piece

IMG_6759 by you.


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