Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Glasses

I received my new glasses yesterday.
Although these don't look like a familiar time period, they are in fact from the 1960's.
Since the color red is like black for me. (all my accessories are always red) The color of these glasses couldn't be better. As you can see They go with this hand embroidered top with ease.

Unfortunately, you can tell from this picture that the glasses make
my eyes look miniature, ahah!

Without new glasses by you.

I'm glad my glasses came in time for my month long vacation in Europe.
I'm going to
Toulouse, France ( annual husbands family visit) 10 days
Helsinki, Finland 6 days
Riga, Latvia 3 days
Tallinn, Estonia 3 days
Stockholm, Sweden 6 days

I will make sure to take millions of pictures of the fashion,
and try to update while I'm there.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

With darkness there has to be light

I'm not JUST into the darkness.
One look is never enough for me.

This light as a feather look is anything but light. Its made of plush toy fabric, ostrich feathers (curlier the better), FEATHERS IN ANY FORM, pastels, rhinestones, suede, and of course faux sheep fleece.
This look is like a brand new baby blanket...oh hell, why don't we just compare it to a baby shower!
Just think of all the possibilities of baby showers. Satin ribbon, baby layettes, PASTEL anything, stuffed animals, blankets...oh god the list can go all night!!
I myself am going to rock the light, powder look with this coat and rhinestone brooches, or a feather in my (soon to be powder blond) hair....
What? yeah I know! A feather plume!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Everyone is doing it in Fall 08'

Join us into the dark, yet humorous fairytale.
Lets face it, Sleepy hollow and Edward Scissor Hands..... OK fine Tim Burton, has been at it for decades. I think Designers have gazed longingly enough at ghost stories and witch hunts. I personally, have always feared the cliche Gothic look or possibly stepping too far into "costume-land". Ive decided that I should no long push this look aside because I found that only a tiny bit of humor is needed to launch this look.

For example:
all black + some kind of animal (and/or some kind of surface detail) = dark humor
all black+solid black= cliche
all black+ a jolt of color=dark humor
all black+pale colors (neutrals dont count)
orange + black = perfect balance of cliche and dark humor
black + neutral or white=cliche
black (or orange)+ futuristic silhuette=dark humor

With that inspiration in mind for quite some time now (approx 1 year), I went a little mad last night and cooked up a dark humor blouse.

I'm standing right in front of my inspiration boards that Ive contributed to over the year
notice the miniature silhouettes by my right ear in the first picture.

As you can see my blouse is made of a lightly woven wool. The sleeves are ridiculously high(it was planned) and a little ruffle floats at the bottom. Oh yeah and the back scoops down a little further than the front.

Here I am frantically and desperately cutting out everything
at the crack of dawn

Monday, July 21, 2008

Street blogs are great

I was making my daily route down Powell street (San Francisco)
when Megan taps me on the shoulder and asks me if I could pose for a picture.
You can read her complementary description of me on her fabulous San Francisco blog.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lazy Nicole

I always force myself to do many projects over the summer.
I actually got a lot done but.....I still feel lazy

The first project i worked on was two dresses and 3 ruffs that I designed drafted, cut, and sewed. I made them in anticipation for a Alice and wonderland themed party.

My dress is made of stretch netting with tiny flocked hearts all over. I appliqued leather hearts on the front and the back.

My sister's dress is made of a synthetic silk crepe. I appliqued black leather ace of spades.

Pierre and my friend both wore my ruffs. Pierre was styled by me. Hes wearing a ace, hearts and club print top, with a lobster brooch.

My next projects include my slight obsession with the fashion spot. This particular forum mimics project runway. Instead of sewing up designs, we just stick to illustrations. When you win you get to set the next challenge. Ive participated in a mood board + collection challenge, Mexico inspired, and Batman's joker children's wear. Out of all the challenges I personally like the mood board challenge(colonial barn ghost), because I REALLY got into it.

Colonial barn ghost


Joker child

This summer
I wish I had....
  1. made more clothing
  2. made leather collars
  3. executed one of the "colonial barn ghost" (entire middle outfit)
  4. carved wood into bird pins
  5. sold some of my work
Oh well, no one's perfect

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eerie coincidence

Friday I went to happy hour at belljar.
I based my outfit on a theme, as I usually do. My theme for the night was River by the forest. So of course the colors I chose to wear, the animals, and the textures all pointed back to this.
Little photo shoot:

Bakelite foxes.......
catching metallic river fish
(look it has a hidden measuring tape)
My dreamy Victorian calendar

This new boutique in the mission, ended up eerily looking exactly like my apartment!! With its stark white walls and little colorful curiosities, my apartment and the boutique could easily be sisters!!!!

My apartment

And Belljar


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