Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Up close and personal

Here is the photo shoot of my last fashion show!
You can see the eyelashes I made, shoes, hats, and two extra outfits
photography by: Heath Orchard

edit: someone asked for a detailed description:

My collection was inspired by the mysterious treasures of the sea.  I researched hermit crabs in clear glass shells and organic sea shapes for the aesthetics, while using hat making techniques for construction inspiration.  I  molded giant lobsters and shells into existence.  I made sure the raincoat embodied the glass shells in the hermit crab experiment, while the silk dress underneath was as soft as the body of a hermit crab.  I made my own resin crab and shell zipper pulls and shoe clips.  The prints on the linings, dress, and blouse were all designed and printed by me.  I made extra accessories as well: shell hat, plastic rain hat, and eyelashes.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lattice hat and frog shoes

1950 lattice hat with flowers
Top shop striped floral play-suit with bow straps
1980 frog shoes

Friday, June 18, 2010

Three musketeers and buying stuff I like

I'm so excited to show you guys this find! 

Two piece (blouse and skirt)

3 musketeers dress

It has 
hats on the bust
writing all over
and oh yeah a border of the 3 men themselves

I accessorized with
a 50s curly hat
and a 50s basket purse from the flea market

So I would like to not only show you the amzing things I have
but the amzing things that you could have
I have created a new tumblr 
where I will post all the cool items I find on the internet
I thought that this would kind of be 
my own show/service to you
I feel like I don't get to use my researching skills enough
so you guys can be the guinea pigs and tell me if you like this idea
if you guys would like me to find certain things in particular
tell me!!!
(click ask me anything on the top of the page)


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