Monday, October 25, 2010

Vintage shop $40 giveaway: Beta Boutique ******entries closed*******

Yes!!! Another fabulous vintage etsy shop giveaway!
and yes, there are still more to come!!!

Beta boutique is offering a $40 gift certificate
Enter right away, because entires close on Nov. 1st

I love her sources of inspiration..they reflect so well in the clothing she finds:

Sources of inspiration:

*popart, fauvism and soviet kitsch in aestetical aspect
*animal collective, the books, celebration, beirut, grizzly bear in music
*kafka, kharms, cocteau in literature
*golden age of hollywood, french new wave, 

italian neo-realism, contemporary asian and scandinavian cinema

This time the clothing is from the 1950s-1980s (her interests confirm this)

There is a little more of a mod feeling to this shop, which I like!
 I will share the items from Beta Boutique's shop, that Id like to complete my 
Fashion Forestry mod  fall wardrobe:

Vintage handmade classy REAL FUR LEOPARD print COAT KATE MOSS or JACKIE ONASSIS style, size Small, Medium, size S / M

Vintage handmade 1950s honey BROWN and WHITE polka dot Autumn DANCING DRESS with FULL SKIRT, size Small, XS, Petite

Vintage sheer BLACK RUFFLED flamenco blouse, size Medium, M

Vintage black SUEDE PIXIE BOOTIES with PLUM purple FOX  FUR, size 5 1/2 , EUR 35

Vintage 60s   JADE or absinthe GREEN very vintage long sleeve PARISIAN lined dress, size Small/ Medium

Vintage georgette BLACK FIELD of FLOWERS colorful RUSSIAN BABUSHKA style blouse, size Medium, size M

Vintage Fancy EMERALD green fitted MINI  sculptured PARTY dress, size Small, S


To win please comment about:

1) How you are following me
2) Where you linked this competition, whether its on your blog, facebook, or twitter. (more of these gives you extra entries)
3) Its sooo close to Halloween
So post a link to the best halloween costume you have ever created or have seen

The winner from last weeks Fashion to Figure giveaway
will be announced on Wednesday the 27th (on time I promise!!)


mispapelicos said...

I do not know what to do...Shall I enter or shall I wait until the results on wednesday.
I do not want to take them all, you know, he, he.
I adore you and your wonderful style.
Halloween is not celebrated very much round here, mainly children influenced by American films.
Mil besos guapa.

Unknown said...

yes Sacramento, please enter!!

mary van note said...

I thought this was a rad costume:

Maxens M. Finch said...

1. I'm following you from my RSS flux.
2. Don't have any facebook account, blog (I know it says I have on on Blogger, but it was just to test some things for a friend who does have one and is bad at HTML) or twitter. Don't have a website either.
Also these ones :
Only because they tried to do Cousin Itt and Ophelia Frump. And I really, really love the Addamses.

Jenni said...

1. I follow your blog on in Google Reader... Google friend connect, too. I lose track of these things. >D

2. I blogged about this giveaway here:

I really like her "suburban mom who really likes Halloween" costume. She looks like 68% of the customers at the grocery store I used to work at around this time of year!

so jeles said...

I follow you through google friend connect.
We don't do much halloween, but some of my facebook friends are getting pretty creative and scary !

that picture where she's twirling 'a145' is amazing..i would love that dress!!
Keep up the fab site on here.

mispapelicos said...

All right I am game and enter.
1,. I follow you everywhere: facebook and blog

Jenny Morris said...

i follow you through blogger "Follow this blog"

For halloween I am wearing a green ribbon around my neck - inspired by my favorite gothic chuldren story...
heres the story

so awesome!!!

i can link about this giveaway on my blog...

thank you so much for offering this amazing give away!!!

Miss Dolly said...

1. I follow your amazing blog on facebook and on here (your blog, of course!).


3. I'm plan to doll up as a Roy Lichtenstein girl this year, but I've always had an obsession with the Bride of Frankenstein

On a sidenote, I just noticed mary van note posted up what I was going to be. :3

Anonymous said...

follow you through blogger of course! ^.^

Rubyellen said...

oh! i think our costumes this year are pretty cute:

and i would love to win to get something in that lovely shop!

Rubyellen said...

i just found your lovely blog and now i follow through blogger! crossing my fingers!


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