Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hang with Mary and me

Mary and I visited the Book fair 
Books and records for $1!!!
We then pranced around Fort Mason 
enjoying the last day of summer

On me:
Blouse: 1940s from the vintage expo
Skirt: "The original poodle skirt" 1940's Dorotheas closet
Jabot tie/collar: 1930s Absolutely fabulous
Sandals: 1950s the bag basement

Look at Mary
shes the best!!



vintage swimsuit



Sophi said...

wearing a swimsuit in an aquarium for photo ops is pretty much genius! You two look so perfectly groomed and styled. Gorgeous outfits :)

Love_Again said...

stylish girls with curls! you two are babes!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that swim suit, and the second one of Mary with the starfish is awesome. *winter

Andrea said...

Quite the cute duo! Thanks so much for coming out tonight, guys :)

Arielle said...

those last photographs have added mary to my hero's list!


The Darling Era said...

Your blog is such an inspiration! You make me want to be more bold with my outfit choices. <3

julia aka garconniere said...

amazing! wonderful photos. i love goofing around with a friend who likes to have their photo taken.

Caroline said...

Those aquarium photos are amazing!! The pier was fantastic for your retro outfits too :D xxx

My Hideaway said...

Love the "underwater" pics. What a bathing beauty! Also, looks like you are having much warmer weather than we are on the east coast. Looks like fun:)

Paislea Elyse said...

fun pictures!!

Fashion Me Chic said...

Thank yo for commenting on my blog. I will follow you and I hope that you do the same.

Hope to hear more from you.

carla fox said...

You are both the vintage look. I have a few vintage pieces I used to wear in my younger days. I keep them for old times' sake:)

Kimandra - clothing and accessories

I really love those aquarium pictures! <3


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