Friday, October 8, 2010

Folk forest collars

Collars completely hand made by me:

I made the prints in photoshop, by manipulating color and images
printed them on treated fabric
made patterns
cut them out
sewed them together

If you are interested, I am currently selling them in my etsy shop here
If you do buy a collar make sure to mention you are one of my readers
once you post a picture of your fabulous self on you blog wearing my collars and you will get 50% off!!

I am having a giveaway on Monday
Its a $50 gift certificate for Bohemian Bisoux Vintage
Spread the word!!!
so start checking out her shop now!
Stay tuned!!!!


Elizabeth said...

Those are pretty fabulous!! Love all of them :)

whatkatiefound said...

These collars are really amazing! My favourite is the last one, so pretty xxx

Unknown said...

Oh wow these are AMAZING! The butterfly ones are so beautiful, I want one. xx

Liz OT said...

The first butterfly collar is particularly stunning, though all of these had my jaw well near the floor.

Angela Joy said...

i can't believe you created the patterns, thats pretty amazing

mispapelicos said...

Made by you, and adored by me. I have two favourites.
I will keep my eyes wide open for Etsy and for the giveaway.

LincolnTaft said...

OH MY GOD Nicole!

I want to live in the first collar. I would buy it right now if I had some extra cash. I can't stop thinking of it.

I'm doing a post about your collars next week. I'll let you know when.

frauz said...


Ruby Chew said...

these are SO amazing! you should be so proud! what kind of printer did you use to print your patterns onto fabric?? bloody amazing, girl! x

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

I love these soo much :o i wish i could afford to buy one!! How amazing you designed the fabric and everything! xxxx


i love them, in particular the first butterfly-collar.
great work!

kind regards

Unknown said...

Am I the only one that thinks "OMG, butterfly collar that's like a BUTTERFLY COLLAR!" Tell me that pun was intended. How did no one else comment on that? Loves.

Bantik said...

Patterns are just heavenly beautiful!!! I always thought that collars are the best accessory. Sad I don't have any savings for it at the moment:(

Bantik said...

Ps. butterflys are so McQueen!!

Malicious Mallory said...

Wow, these are really cool! I love the second one.
I'll have to check out your Etsy :)

Avalonne Hall said...

Hey! So I was invited (by Ashley) to your meet up last night, but I couldn't make it, because I had other engagement to attend. I was looking forward to meeting you guys. Hopefully, we can arrange other meet up soon! I hope you had a lovely night! These collars are so cute!

reckless daughter said...

wow, as soon as I have $ to burn I am so getting one of these. They are so cool!

PS: the blog is looking fabulous!

Arielle said...

if i had the extra money to spare i would buy one in a heartbeat!

they're gorgeous

ps-u said...

wooow,i adore the one with two minks!!

Jessica said...

These are all so beautiful, I love the fringe!!

dirtbike said...

good use of yr digital skillz gurl

richard would be proud

what did you print them on? looks like cotton? love the prints... esp the butterflies.


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