Monday, October 11, 2010

Bohemian Bisoux Giveaway ***ENTRIES CLOSED****

I am honored present my first giveaway, with Bohemian Bisoux Vintage.
This vintage etsy shop is a dream come true!
It is literally very much like the vintage store I dream about
where everything in the store has beautiful fluffy pastel gowns, 
hats with birds on them coming to life, 
and brooches that talk...

Now, whoever the lucky dog will be
will win  $50 credit.
The credit includes:
1) international readers 
2) free shipping!

Here are my favorite magical items
If I suddenly stuck it rich and 
developed a super power 
where I could morf into different sizes,
I would buy everything!! 

The Mollie- Vintage 1930s Paris Fashion Shoes Fifth Avenue Styles Flapper Art Deco Silver Leather Ankle Strap Peep Toe Cross Over Starlet High Heels Sandals Pumps Size 8 A Narrow

The Stella- Vintage 1940s 1950s Rockabilly Pin Up Bombshell VLV Prom Party Pale Bubblegum Hot Pink Lace Ruffles Sweetheart Bust Tulle Full Sweep Skirt Bow Back Dress Size 6 8 Medium M

The Kate- Vintage Early 1900s Victorian Riding Summer Springtime Festive Party Floral Pale Pink Blush Hat Headpiece

The Daisie- Vintage 1950s Pin Up Bombshell Cha Cha Grease Rockabilly Pale Pink Peach Lace Mesh Tulle Ombre Ruffles Short Sleeves Summer Party Cocktail Full Skirt Dance Dress Size 6 Medium M

The Cinderella- Vintage 1950s Mackey Starr Audrey Hepburn Pin Up Classic Bombshell Blue Metallic Brocade Clear Plastic Lucite High Heels Pumps Shoes Size 8.5 A Narrow

Entry Rules:  In your comment please specify:

1) How you are following me
2) Where you linked this competition whether its on your blog, facebook, or twitter.
3) Talk about a dream you had about a vintage store or and interesting experience in real life the more surreal the better.
4) A photo or website broadens your chances of winning.

Good luck!!
Cant wait to see what you choose from the shop and your vintage stories!!!
Winner will be chosen on monday october 18th 



sacramento said...

1.- I am following you from the first time I set eyes on you and your blog: Google and Facebook

2.-Blog and facebook

I was living in England at the time, and one morning before being completely awake, but not sleep, I felt free and light as a feather. Sudenly I realised that I have to go back and drag my body and I disliked the thought very much.
Perphaps at night, while our bodies get repaired, our inner energy or soul or whatever, is allowed to play and live in anothe more pleasurable dimension.

My blog:-

Tara said...

I am following you through Google friend connect.
I found you through facebook
I have seen my clothes on people that I have taken to vintage stores..which makes me feel kind of giddy.
My blog is

Heidi said...

OH. MY. GOD... Pretty things galore!! I guess I'll have to try my luck..

1.I follow you here on Blogger and on Facebook and on Bloglovin... I found your blog one day long ago when I was looking for Minna Parikka shoes... Love at first sight;)

2.I Blogged, Facebook'ed and Tweeted about this give away...

3.I often have vintage fantasies, mainly including timemachines that can take me anywhere I want and dreams of living in 40's Technicolor movies..
Last Christmas I visited my patents and I dreamt I was in a small vintage/thrift store in the town where my parents live. I dreamt I found rows and rows of amazing dresses and a frilly peach apron... I woke up early the next morning I went to the store guess what I found.. a frilly peach apron?! -and even better a red Christian Dior wool skirt suit with black velvet collar and cuffs!!! for $10!!!! I'm not kidding!!! I was shaking!!! So surreal... I often find myself being drawn into vintage shops because I have "that" feeling -something is waiting for me..

4. Here's my website:
-and a photo:
It's a portrait my daughter made of me..!/photo.php?fbid=447986119431&set=a.389166394431.169434.644559431

Thank you for hosting a wonderful give away and even better thank you for introducing me to Bohemian Bisoux Vintage:)

Heidi said...

Me again.. I don't know how to make the links work and I meant to write parents not patents...

Tart Deco™ said...

FUN giveaway! Here's my answers-

1) I follow you through Google
2) I tweeted about this (tartdeco)
3&4) I actually wrote blog posts about this where I discuss my dream of finding a secret room in a house (usually my grandma's) with vintage clothes all in my size. Then I actually found a box of vintage clothes in the attic of my new apt which was built in 1884!

Here's a link to the blog post with pictures of a 20s dress I found-
(there is a link to part I in the post)

PS I am also having a vintage giveaway right now. I would love it if you entered ;)

Jeweled Chavon said...
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Jeweled Chavon said...

I completely adore your blog!

1. We are GFC'ed
2. I'm a definite Facebook "Liker"
3. I add your button to on the right side of my blog!

*My Story*
In the year 2000 I moved into a home in which the previous renters were evicted. The owner informed me that their storage space was full of their left belongings that they no longer had access to and if I were to clear it out I could keep what I find. So, I cleaned and cleaned and came across a vintage engraved solid silver mirror with some sort of matching dish! It turns out to be from the earlier 1900's! I still have it and use it today. It's truly a finders keepers vintage treasure!!
Here's my image:

Thank you so much for a wonderful blog and giveaway!!

Moni said...

I love a good giveway.
I must admit I dream about vintage quite alot, I only have 3 different dreams that have evolved over time. I dream about two separate vintage shops, when I was younger around 10yrs these dreams were very evolved and included towns. The oldest recurring dream involved reaching the second floor of a shopping centre, walking through a ladies department floor to reach the attic. The vintage shop is in the attic, when I first walking in there are always petticoats hanging from the celling, the clothes are grouped together by era, I am always looking for a frothy 50s dress.
The other dream is from my teenage years and is when I was able to start buying vintage. I have travelled by train or coach to another town for this shop, I have to take the right walkway on the right street to get to the shop. If I miss it I either end up walking the market or get to the outskirts where the church is and I am lost. As I get older I find myself more and more reaching the church. I think its a metaphor for my life, good intentions and all but still not achieving my goals.

Posted here

sjwhidden said...

1) google reader/facebook
2) i think i found you initially on facebook
3) there's this insane thrift shop here in montreal called the old shop. it's off the beaten path and it's staffed by old ladies and they serve tea at 3pm sharp. it's three floors of amazing vintage from beatuiful 30's shoes to literally a century of hats.
words just don't do it justice:

Maria said...

1. I follow you through google friend connect.
2. I mentioned the giveaway here on my tumblr.
3. it's funny because I actually recently had a dream about this huge vintage store with so many wonderful things in it. but for some reason I had to hurry through, and I had no time for looking. then by the exit of the store I found this beautiful white dress with pearl embroidery. unfortunately it was too expensive, and the seller wouldn't sell it any cheaper because she wanted the dress herself. some weeks later, in real life, I found this dream of a dress from The Loved One and bought it right away.
4. my blog:
I believe in smiles.

WelcomeToTheMoon said...

Hello! Oh my goodness, I love your blog. I've been following you on Blogger for quite some time now.
I've posted the give-away on facebook and twitter. =)

I thought it was very absolutely great that you wished us to tell of a vintage store dream because I just recently blogged about recurring dreams I have of exactly that! Here is the link-

Thanks for having this amazing give-away from an amzing vintage shop!

Kelly-marie said...

1. I am following you on Blogger and Tumbler. I discovered you many moons ago when a friend shared a link to your blog, she said she thought we were kindred spirits! :)

2. I linked the giveway on my blog.

3. I work as a visual merchandiser for a vintage shop and have to reguarly change the themes of the displays, which involves dressing a set and 10 life size mannequins on a stair case. Its daunting at the best of times!
When ever I have a new theme coming up I have to do alot of preperation and ALWAYS end up dreaming the night before that I have already done the whole entire thing, down to the tiniest details! It's such a shock to wake up and realise you have to then actually go and do it all over again! Of course in my dream I always have the most amazing props and it ends up looking like a Tim Walker shoot, I would love to say that in real life it's the same but I would be fibbing! I always feel a little cheated when you dream about work but dreaming about vintage is never really a bad thing.

4. My blog:

Thank you and I hope your first giveaway is a great success xx

Fritzi Marie said...


I am following you on google and facebook. I adore your blog and your sweet shop. You are adorable.

wishing you love and lots of it,

Fritzi Marie

mary van note said...

1. I know where you live.
ha ha
I follow you on google, facebook, tumblr, flickr. EVERYWHERE! I'm your #1 stalker fan

2. I will tweet this giveaway.

3. One time I sold clothes to a vintage shop in Santa Cruz when I lived there. A few days later in class, a girl was sitting in front of me wearing the jacket that used to be mine.

4. This is the dress I would get AMAZING!

hannah and landon said...

1) How you are following me

google reader, facebook, flickr, tumblr. BASICALLY EVERYWHERE BECAUSE I AM YOUR BIGGEST STALKER :(

2) Where you linked this competition whether its on your blog, facebook, or twitter.


3) Talk about a dream you had about a vintage store or and interesting experience in real life the more surreal the better.

hmm, I dream about raghouses a lot. I think my most surreal raghouse real life experience was going through a bale of gross 80s blouses and smelling cat pee mid-way through then pulling out a shirt and finding a decapitated mouse head. I tossed the shirt and mouse head aside and continued going through the bale until I found the rest of the body. then I stopped because I was afraid of what else was lurking in that 100lbs of mediocre blouses.

4) A photo or website broadens your chances of winning.

I have lots of photos and websites! hehe


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