Thursday, January 10, 2013

Berries and cherry blossoms












Christmas instagram:

Outfit Details:

Dress: 1950s Sheer ice blue dress with cherry blossoms embroidered in key placements.
With drop gathered sleeves full skirt and sweet heart neckline.
Shoes: Marks and Spencers in red
Tights: Red sheer with thick back seams
Berries: 1950s berries corsage brooch applique
Belt: 1930s red leather art deco
Doll: Hungarian felt doll with a pocket to store things
Decanter: 1930s Hungarian painted heats and flowers on glass
Bow: 1940s jacquard ribbon with a leafy berry motif


Melissa Dieterly said...

Completely perfect!! I love how your intricate outfits are like a delicate desert or garden, with fantastic and whimsical details that I can't help but just ogle over. I love it!

Elizabeth Mackey said...

I liked the top of this when I saw it on Christmas morning. Now I get to see the whole thing! Very cute.

Crystal Lee said...

You are a winter beauty! I love your dress so much, and your hair looks dope.

Nicole Eymard said...

Aaaw winter beauty? Thank you sooo much!!

Nicole Eymard said...

There you go...ahah

Nicole Eymard said...

This is such an amazing, and detailed complement! Thank you!

Psycho Cat said...

I can' stop looking at your gorgeous hair :)

hannah said...

You look exquisite, the dress is heaven and those berries!! xx

Nicole Eymard said...


Nicole Eymard said...

Aww thanks, my middle school self is thrilled each time I get a complement on my hair, because I was teased ;)

Maxens M. Finch said...

Lovely dress and belt! I love the flowers embroideries! The decanter would be perfect for DIY perfume... Also, the hungarian doll reminds me of alsacian costumes:
I live in Strasbourg... maybe I should try dressing inspired by alsacian costumes, as I've a book on that and it seems there is more to get inspired that just the most known traditional one! You gave me some great idea, here! (I've already some outfit ideas around that, now!) Also, your cat pillow is perfect.

Mary Van Note said...

that dress is heavenly

Meg Eileen Carroll said...

oh wow, yet another wonderful outfit. I love how envisioned you are when it comes to fashion. I truly mean it when I say you have a unique quality and bring something new to everything you wear. I can't even pick out individual details of this outfit as it is all just wonderful :D

Kelly-Marie Burdekin said...

You beauty! The colours are amazing! xx


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