Monday, January 3, 2011

Wildfell Hall Vintage Giveaway ***Entries closed***


I am happy to present to you, the first Giveaway of the year!
Wildfell Hall Vintage is offerning a $35 gift certificate

Everything from her shop looks like candy!  I want everything!!

She also has an amazing blog, that adequately shows off her vintage finding adventures and more!
Visit it here!

My current  favs from her shop

Vintage 30s EBONY and IVORY Silk Velvet Dress
Vintage 60s SPLIT PEA Wool Coat
Vintage 60s Plunging LACE Wiggle Dress
Vintage 60s PUMPKIN SPICE Set
Vintage 50s POLKA DOT Gown
Vintage 70's FLYING BUTTERFLIES Wrap Skirt
Vintage 40s ROSE RUFFLES Dress
Vintage 40s Large Taupe PEARL LEAF Dress
Vintage White Oxford Heels
Vintage 60s NEUTRAL AUTUMN Wiggle Dress

Open to international followers
Free shipping
Entries end on Mon. Jan. 10th
Winner Announced On Wed. Jan 12th

1) Must be or become a follower of my blog and facebook tell me how you are following
2) Must be or become a follower of Wildfell Hall's blog, leave a comment for her :)
3) Announce the giveaway on facebook, twitter, blog, tublr, email...anywhere you can
4) How did you find my blog, and what keeps/will keep you coming back 
5) First moment you fell in LOVE with vintage



sacramento said...

My dear Nicole, I have already done that. I will follow you anytime anywhere. I have found your mother, and I am now a follower of her and her blog. How fantastic is that????
Mil besos corazón!!!

Tara Jeles said...
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Fashion Forestry said...

Please make sure you two answer the other questions and ad Wildfell Hall's blog so I can enter your entries ;)

Tara Jeles said...

I follow you through google friend connect as well on facebook. Now i've added Vintage Seen to my google list.
I don't remember quite how i found you, but glad i did. I have always loved vintage from the minute i realized my mom was a clothes hoarder and we could wear the same size!!

The Darling Era said...

Not sure how I found your blog, but it has delighted me ever since. I grew up helping out in my grandma's antique shop so I'd say my obsession started quite early. Keep up the great posts, I'm an avid follower.

Anonymous said...

hhmmmm...can't remember how i found you, maybe calivintage or fancyfine?? glad i did though, your style is so adorable and daring. i was not a rich kid, so thrift stores were a regular stop for clothes shopping. although i have come along way with my vintage style: i started out wearing men's plaid polyester pants and sweater vests...oof!

Jack's Playhouse said...

How did I find your blog? fate? the mystic path? No, it popped up on google - though some outer spectrum would have sounded so much cooler...

Followed you, twittered +other'ed you...

What keeps me coming back? God, your dresses! they amaze me. I can't seem to find dresses like you do. Is there some secret? do you mug old ladies?

I fell in love with fashion when I went to my first gig. I saw this band which no longer exist's and they were actually really bad now I think about it but at the time I was like "wow, I'm so cool and so grown up I'm at my first gig" and the band was like some girl power group but they were wearing these beautiful dresses and I was amazed.

Nadia said...!/xNadiaBbii/status/22040557828182017 my tweet

I've left a comment on her site!

I follow you trough gfc : Nadia S.

I found you on google :D

& the first moment I fell in love with vintage was 2 years ago: my grandmom gave me a beautiful old bag who she got from her mother ♥ I was so happy!


Ana Karen said...

1. I already follow you through Google Reader and on Facebook. I'm kinda creepy.
2. Just added her to my Google Reader and left a comment.
Sorry, I don't know how to link to individual tweets, but it's on there
4. I found your blog through Hannah and Landon. Your quirky style really allows me to live vicariously through you. I love how free you are and I often think about confused looks you must get from people and it makes me smile to think there are still people like you. You have killer style, girl.
5. This one is hard. I grew up in a northside neighborhood in Chicago with a shopping three antique malls within two blocks. Walking past those shops as a child really instilled in me a love of old things. Maybe that.

Sophi said...

1) follow you on bloglovin
2) following her on bloglovin, left her a comment
3) tweeted (my feed is private but I pinky swear that I did)
4) I think I saw it on calivintage
5)I think it was the day when I was 12 or 13 that I spent all of my hard earned babysitting money on a Chuck E. Cheese shirt, a gunne sax skirt, and a pair of plaid vans at the local vintage store. They were the coolest clothes I'd ever seen because I'd never seen any clothes like them before.

Sophi said...

...and I come back because you have a truly unique style and I really like you!

thatdamngreendress said...

Oh wow- that rust suit is to die for (I accidentally wrote to dies for- apparently its power is such I have already been succumbed...) but I'm conflicted by the fabulous dinner date dress which probably fits better.
I follow your stunning fashion adventures through google reader (I think maybe through hannah and Landon?)and am now happily following vintage seen too. I absolutely adore your fearless and whimsical use of colour, pattern, style and only wish I'd found your blog sooner!
I kinda grew up on vintage- my hippie parents did all their clothing shopping at 'Frenchies'- bins and bins of marvelousness, I still get so excited when I go back there! I've always been one to 'dress up'- I would wear a blazer and ascot to riding lessons at age 10, when everyone else was in sweatpants...A few years ago, I started wearing mostly vintage 50's and 60's with a new job. It's just fun to play around with colours and textures and sometimes even things that don't quite work...

The Fashion Buzz said...

Wow- really love that butterfly skirt, great collection there!

McBean. said...

Hi there! I've added Wildfell Hall and also found you on facebook! How great am I!?
My friend directed me to your blog and I've been hooked since! You're colours and style are an inspiration to me when I'm feeling blue and lazy!
I'm getting married in June and always have a look on here for ideas for style.
I've emailed my friends about your bloig and we often have a chat at work about it!
I've been wearing vintage for years now and think the love started as my Mum used to dress my like a pretty little doll and I've kept that dream alive!

Anonymous said...

follow you on gfc

Anonymous said...

found your blog via google search for vintage blog

Anonymous said...

First moment I fell in love with vintage was when I discovered my mom's old yellow peep toe heels in my grandma's attic - and they fit me!
june_spirit2628 at hotmail dot com


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