Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm going to New York!!! From 11/17 to 11/22

New York
I'm going to be staying in Williamsburg, Brooklyn 
11/17 - 11/22 
Anyone who wants to meet for drinks,
Knows special events/parties (Fashion!!!)
Special food places
Or simply recommends certain hidden treasures 
Help a girl out :)

If you have secret agent stuff to say email me here ldvnicole@gmail.com

Dress: 1920's spider black web print
Hat: 1940s rusty bow from clever nettle
Shoes: 1950s navy suede with cut out circles and a bow
Spider Brooch: 1950s
Bow brooch: 1930s from a Paris, France flea market
Bracelet: Miriam Haskell
Nail polish: gold YSL
Eyeshadow: Illamasqua


hannah and landon said...

Yay, I'm so pleased that you found a spot!

See you in a few days I hope!! >_<

Emily Rose said...

so happy you found a place to stay! im not too good with picking places to go out, but williamsburg is fun. ill look into finding a place with good dancing music! maybe thursday night or saturday night ill come it. let me know!

mary van note said...

you are going to have so much fun!

Crystal Lee said...

This dress is unreal! I adore it.

kellyr said...

You neeeed to get sandwiches at Saltie in Wburg. It's open 10-6 closed Monday. They run a tight ship! THE BEST EATERY EVER. Small, lady run & simply delicious sandwiches and sweets. I go ever Sunday. Have fun in NYC.


oh and there is a vintage housewares & clothing shops nearby. japanese run. can't member the name...

Dial V for Vintage said...

Make sure to check Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg! :)

mispapelicos said...

Thank god you found a place to stay in New York. Too good to miss. Do take p`lenty photos to share the experience wit us.

nikki said...

you look amazing as always :) love the baby blue eyeshadow + the spider.

have fun in ny!


ashley said...

i love your blog so much and you are just plain awesome and i've been secretly wishing that we could somehow be friends even though you are on the other side of the country. i live in brooklyn!!! can we go to the hell's kitchen flea market together???? is that too creepy to ask? if not, do send me an email! smashleysoliman@gmail.com

PS. LOVE tail of the yak!!!


i wish you lots of fun!

elnz said...

I am desperately in love with those stuff.. Very inspiring...

Autumn Luciano said...

Hit Saint Marks Place! There are a few good vintage shops around there, and its just kind of a neat place to see. Also PLEASE go to Coney Island. It's my most favorite place on earth. The rides aren't running this time of year, but its worth it just as a photo opportunity, and the sideshow/coney museum should still be open, thats worth the train ride alone. And if you end up in times square, the Ripley's museum is worth the ticket price! and there is a cafe called Time Square Cafe with a big clock in front of it that is cafeteria style and has amazing food.

Have fun! Love the spider by the way!


Oh goodness you're too cute! I love your hat, the dress, and your jewelry! (Basically all of it!)

Have fun in New York!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Oh wow! love the spider ever-so!

Unknown said...

I've heard good and bad things about Beacon's Closet, but I would still check it out if I were going. Hope you have an excellent time! Can't wait to see pics of your trip:)

magnolia*mama said...

you look amazing. that hat is killin me.

Jolie Goodnight said...

Your dress. Your hat. Your broach. All of it. A-mazing. Love this!

The Fashion Buzz said...

Wow you lucky girl!

Love_Again said...

woah!! loving this outfit! hope you have the best time in new york.

gee said...

oh my word. i just found your blog and i am in love.
that hat & spider brooch are amazing!!! you look absolutely fabulous.
have a wonderful time in new york. very jealous.

Anonymous said...

I Love Your Dress And your Photos!
And You're Very Funny!

mispapelicos said...

I hope that you had a superb time in N. York , and will tell us all about it soon.
I left a photo and a hug for you in my blog today.
I got the lovely giveaway. Gorgeous!!. i shall wear the pearls as they deserve for a coming party.
Un abrazo my dear, dear friend.


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