Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Wallace collection revisited

Since I was very little, I have been obsessed with museum shops.  I always wondered why they never made affordable copies of the magical and relevant small pieces from the exhibitions.  It's always nerdy things like mirrors and pencils.  Finally my dream came true, and the gift shop had a section with rows and rows of affordable jewellery inspired by Georgian, Medieval, and Victorian pieces!!!!!!!   

When ever I would like to celebrate anything, I am going there with some friends to help clear the section, instead of nerdy (expected) celebratory drinks!   

I am going to be wearing all of the earrings (above) way too much!

I have done a heavily documented post already about the Wallace collection!

You can see it here

Outfit details


1950s pastel plaid pleated cotton with built in bloomers underneath


Various victorian and 1920s polka dot and floral jacquard a


1950s floral


Lally MacBeth said...

I have too have wished this for years and years!! Those earrings are beautiful. The Wallace Collection is the most magical place I hope they add more delights to the gift shop. XX

AmandaStock said...

Ah! Same here! I have always wanted reproductions of the various antique jewels on display. More costume jewellery! More!

EmmaM147 said...

Such lovely earrings!

Emma x



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