Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Shenanigans

















Halloween is kind of weird and spread out here weeks in advance in London,
and most of the time people don't go all out with their costumes, and only accept and covet scary costumes.


Morgan and I got into trouble running around dalston and going to various venues.  I was disguised as a dead time traveler that dies while in traveling back in time, and never made it to the 1980s (the half upper lip is a prediction of a fashionable lipstick style of the future ;).  Morgan has an amazing skeleton and fringe dress with amazing bottom lashed and black lipstick.


Morgan, Pierre and I went to a Halloween event at the V&A were dressed as a wolf and two sheep.
I  also funnily found out that adding a bell with a satin ribbon doesn't make since since cows are the ones with bells! We enjoyed gluten free almond cakes with a perfect french white wine (my dad would be proud of the pairing I must say!) towards the end of the evening

Happy Halloween!!!


Ana said...

That's a great idea (the time traveller) and the sheep costume is so sweet! My husband has a similar one but it's actually a cow. My halloween ideas are gone as I couldn't find the right costumes. Maybe next year!

Nicole Eymard said...

Thanks ;) I was actually disappointed in myself because I wanted to have a party or go to a cool party :(

Rebecca Kummerfeld said...

I love these costumes! The sheep are so so cute :)

Nicole Eymard said...

Aww thanks ;)

helgavontrollop said...

O,jaysus,both costumes are fabularse! I especially love Morgan's makeup!
I wouldn't have minded running around being a nuisance,but my skirt was FAR too short for even my comfort!

Elizabeth Mackey said...

Love the fourth and the sixth pictures the best. You guys look so cute in the costumes and I love the boots that you and Pierre are wearing. They go quite well with the costumes!

LoLa Vintage said...

great costumes! I love the pink boots w/ the sheep one. too cute!

Mary Van Note said...

fun!! your time traveler makeup and costume is so rad.

Shannon Richter said...

you gurls look great. i played ti low key this year, since i don't usually need a costume to be a menace to society--- just my broomstick! :P

Anonymous said...

Love the wolf and sheep onesies!

I actually did something similar to your time traveller for Halloween - I went as the previous owner of the 1930s dress I wore, and used copious amounts of face paint! I wish I could paint my face everyday...


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