Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lots of Flowers but no job :(












A box of my collection
A portfolio I piece I made in anticipation of a design position/internship
I made everything from the miniature accessories to the cut out flowers

Sadly I havent gotten a job :(

Pictures taken:

 Red church street 

Photographed by: Pierre Eymard and myself

Outfit details:

Dress: 1960s chartreuse lace heaven
Belt: 1980s hinged snake belt made out of leather and metal
Hat: 1950s lattice with flower millinery
Purse: Designed and made by me (If you want one please inquire)
Brooch # 1: 1940s painted celluloid pansies
Brooch # 2: Painted silk flowers handmade by an artisan sold at Bell'occhio


LoLa Vintage said...

That dress is SUBLIME. The color, the cut. Everything. love. 

Hannah Metz said...

Your kits are so charming! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, lady! <3<3<3

(jobs for both of us! yes yes yes!)

Nekobus Knopf said...

Those idiots... sometimes I really don't get companies that reject someone as truely talented and awesome and inspiring as you.

I mean the flower collection is awesome. Truely awesome. Also, there are pieces among the collection that are less extravagant and others that are fabulously over the top. This collection can appeal to soo many different people with so many different styles.

You probably should just try to sell your collections yourself. I mean there are hundreds of opportunities like this in London, you can sell at Spitalfields, in Camden, try to get some wholesalers, like The Laden Showroom. On Bricklane. I know a couple of people in London that can actually live from making their own stuff and selling them.

This is my (then) flatmate's label: http://www.conquer.bigcartel.com/

And I know Zoe who does awesome leather brooches: http://lovefromhettyanddave.bigcartel.com/

And I briefly met Nicki Pumpkin (http://www.nickipumpkin.co.uk/) who sews most of her stuff herself, but also has a place somewhere in Southern Britain I think who does some of her sewing. I mean this is a long and hard road and they didn't make enough to live from it right from the beginning but I think this struggle is worth it. Your stuff is truely amazing and you shouldn't ever work for anyone else anyway, because they will only suck you dry of ideas and won't give you the credit you deserve.

Don't loose hope. And just be your awesome self forever. And please consider making fashion  for men, so I can wear it. Ha!

CoCo said...

Your outfit is so good. You look like you just walked out of a Mary Blair illustration.

Nicole Eymard said...

I never though about that before, but I think I do even more in the fall ;)

Nicole Eymard said...

Wow thank you so much!  This made me feel so much better :)  I think I will always work on the side, even if i was really busy with a big company.  I think I would become schizophrenic if I didnt Chanel my ideas elsewhere!  Its good to know that people make a living just making their own items.  I need to finish unpacking so I can start creating!  PS if I had my own label there will be mens for sure!  I respect the tailoring involved in menswear but am not very good at it, so I have never made any menswear by hand, but I love it soooo much and style my husband all the time ;)

Nicole Eymard said...

What!!! You haven't found a job yet either!!???? :(  Fingers crossed for you too!

Nicole Eymard said...

Thanks!  It was love at first sight!  I saw it in one of the expos in london and I just had to have it, even though i could buy anything else afterward!

lauren said...

that dress slays me. is it Moygashel linen? it looks all kinds of fantastic on you.

tjharbold said...

I would totally wear this outfit. Being Pennsylvania German, we called the little paper cones "Schultoot".  You're colors are especially pretty. -T






Nicole Eymard said...

Oh my god I never knew about thoes! Thanks for the info!

Nicole Eymard said...

Come and visit me in London!

Mary Van Note said...

 that dress is so perfect on you!

Jannie Barton said...

sorry to bring contraversy but ive just come across you blog, and sure the comments below say your stuff is 'amazing' but they are your friends. lets be honest here. your stuff is f 'ugly. tacky and gordy. this is LONDON. this is the FASHION CAPITAL, darling. if anything like that came into my office it would go straight into the bin. sure, things like that catch attention but your problem is the product itself. it looks pre-school. but not in a good way. quite frankly, its a mess.

Nicole Eymard said...

Where is your office? This is not my portfolio, just a gift.  Do you know who Hannah Metz is???  I thought not, where are you credentials, when you look up your name is comes up as a driver guide: http://seeitinstyle.synthasite.com/your-guide.php most of the people who comment on here are not my friends haha

Joannecritchley said...

Jannie Barton.  As well as not being much of an authority on style and/or fashion, you are also an incredibly bad speller.  Darling.  It's 'controversy' not 'contraversy'.  It's 'gaudy' not 'gordy'.  I've just seen the photo of you in the car that Nicole linked.  By looking at your scarf I'd have thought you'd have known how to spell 'gaudy'.  *That* was f'ugly.  Everyone has different tastes and what Nicole wears or designs may not be to yours.  But one thing that is not up for debate is that she is extremely talented.  By the way.  I live in London and have for 11 years.  In fashion, music, media, the arts.  You name it.  And I know for a fact that regardless of what other people's tastes were, if she walked into one of my offices they would appreciate her style and artistry because it is 'hers' and it's individual to her.  And *that* 'darling' is exactly what London is all about.  Sod off.

Jannie Barton said...

Laughable that you think that's me! Just because of the same name! That is quite funny. Or maybe that is me? You seem to think it is!

Jannie Barton said...

Alright, dear! Sorry my spelling isnt up to scratch. What are you? A bloody dictionary? You probably look like one..... all old and leathery on the outside :)

Jannie Barton said...

And in reply to your question, my office is at; 9-10 Great Sutton Street, EC1V 0BX. Check it out if you wish. It IS a real address :)

Joannecritchley said...

Hahahahaha!   Whatever you say!  Just checked and you work for Office Shoes?  Wow.  Big fashion high flyer aren't you?  Hahahahahahaha!  Nicole, I'd be flattered that this loser doesn't like your stuff.  Office is a shit hole.


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