Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flying doll hat






Outfit Details:

Hat: 1960 by: Archie Eason ~ From: a vendor at the vintage expo
Blouse: 1930s silk sheer stripes ~ From: Bassqueen 01
Skirt: Top shop music note embroidery
(I saw the exact same skirt in a musical from the 1930s..It kills me that I cant remember the name grrr)

Photographed in my family's house in Walnut creek
Pictures taken by Caitlin Mackey


Shelly said...

Wow, I love your blog. You're so amazingly creative, and all these hats you're wearing - are to die for! They're so cute! Sigh, I wish there were vintage shops in my neighborhood. '


Nicole Eymard said...

Thanks so much for the kind words! Actually most of my vintage comes from online! So you still have a chance, just write a list of search words and search away!!!

simplicityisbliss said...

i want that blouse! is fantastic!

Mary Van Note said...

the bra you're wearing seems amazing too : )

northwest is best said...

Another cramazing outfit! (crazy + amazing).

Kelly-Marie said...

LoveLove! I have the dress version of that skirt, i think it's my favourite Topshop item of all time . Quite a statement I know but it's true. :) xxx

Trudy said...


Ines said...

I love this outfit! The photography in this post completely reminds me of Juergen Teller for MJ. Great pictures & your modeling is on key!

Circus Girl said...

I love your blog Nicole! I hope your move goes swell and you enjoy London! You look absolutely amazing in your last post with the florals! :) Zoë x


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