Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last day Glasgow June 19 2009

Last day of Glasgow :(
Beautiful but sad last day

outfit of the day

IMG_2922 by you.IMG_2913 by you.IMG_2924 by you.IMG_2628 by you.IMG_2626 by you.IMG_2968 by you.IMG_2929 by you.IMG_2951 by you.

Beautiful streets of Glasgow
IMG_2891 by you.IMG_2888 by you.IMG_2884 by you.
Second part of the Giant museum

IMG_2862 by you.IMG_2784 by you.IMG_2719 by you.IMG_2714 by you.IMG_2722 by you.IMG_2720 by you.IMG_2716 by you.IMG_2724 by you.IMG_2700 by you.IMG_2610 by you.
I loved the botanical gardens
with every fiber of my being
I took so many pictures of the beauty
that my cameras battery had
a heart attack

IMG_2900 by you.IMG_2907 by you.IMG_2908 by you.IMG_2910 by you.IMG_2963 by you.IMG_2986 by you.IMG_2990 by you.IMG_3015 by you.IMG_3022 by you.IMG_3031 by you.IMG_3079 by you.IMG_3104 by you.IMG_3121 by you.IMG_3124 by you.IMG_3162 by you.IMG_3214 by you.IMG_3070 by you.IMG_3068 by you.IMG_3059 by you.IMG_3082 by you.IMG_3049 by you.IMG_3239 by you.IMG_3240 by you.IMG_3247 by you.IMG_3244 by you.IMG_3198 by you.

Watermelon was my favorite vintage store
I got a beautiful skirt there which Ill show later

IMG_3252 by you.IMG_3251 by you.IMG_3250 by you.IMG_3249 by you.


Chelsea said...

That store looks great fun.

Elizabeth said...

Great shots of the botanical garden, and of course Mr. Bee is adorable.

That London girl said...


Olivia said...

Are those the bloomers you were talking about? They don't look like drop-pants at all!

Isabel said...

Dude, I love your pants! The paper bag waist is so cool.

Cassidy said...

i love those pants!

Mars said...

beautiful shots of that garden! loving the paper bag waist, too :D!

Jasmin said...

love the photos!

Vamoose said...

wow those gloves with the little zips are incredible!

elena-lu said...

gorgeous photos of the garden! oh and i love the colors in your outfit


i adore your outfit!


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