Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Glasgow June 12-13 2009



IMG_0770 by you.

what a beautiful city

IMG_0780 by you.IMG_0779 by you.IMG_0781 by you.IMG_0783 by you.

amazing museum time
kelvin grove museum
IMG_0798 by you.IMG_0831 by you.IMG_0830 by you.IMG_0838 by you.IMG_0864 by you.IMG_0847 by you.IMG_0878 by you.IMG_0897 by you.IMG_0889 by you.IMG_0904 by you.IMG_0936 by you.IMG_0942 by you.IMG_0953 by you.


outfit of the day
IMG_1053 by you.IMG_1054 by you.IMG_1056 by you.

musems and glasgow university
IMG_0947 by you.IMG_0950 by you.IMG_1034 by you.IMG_1033 by you.IMG_1030 by you.
IMG_0980 by you.IMG_1028 by you.IMG_1032 by you.IMG_1044 by you.IMG_1049 by you.
IMG_0945 by you.


fröken lila said...

your music-skirt is so lovely!!

Elizabeth said...

The museum looks like fun! Can't wait to see the other pictures of your stay in Glasgow.

Gentle Bean said...

ok, that baby with the red mouth agape and the cord coming out of it's belly!!!! very cool!!!!

Isabel said...

I am choking on jeaulousy right now. I've always wanted to visit Scotland.

Shannon said...

ouu i love stripes
whadda cute outfit
music skirt is adorable!

Le Tasché said...

Yes, Glasgow really looks like to be a very beautiful city, full of history.

niki said...

that skirt is amazing! vintage? i love that you paired it with a striped top. looks great.

heather said...

ahhh i love glasgow! was there about a month ago! if you havent already, you must go to the botanical gardens!!


kimvee said...

I love all of your outfits :P That musical note skirt is so cute! and beautiful photos.


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