Thursday, June 4, 2009

cowboys and Indians or smoking salamanders

Cow boy bow tie
Indian brooch
horse brooch
barn door
historical fiction

IMG_8403 by you.

IMG_8425 by you.

IMG_8402 by you.

1920 cigarette extension
high class

IMG_8450 by you.

IMG_8455 by you.

IMG_8454 by you.

I drafted and sewed this top
its cozy for hot weather

IMG_8440 by you.

IMG_8431 by you.

The combination of
a photographed child
cut out of metal
bird poop is terrifying
yet intriguing
If anyone has recommendations for Barcelona and Glasgow I really need it! They are next on my itinerary :)

IMG_8442 by you.



Anonymous said...

So cool ! Being THE western-fan I'm jealous of your outfit ! ;D

Bang, bang !

retroliving said...

I always adore your oufits, and that shirt you made is so rad. When are you going to sell your own line of clothes? And that child sign is pretty creepy.


harps said...

oops I left my comment on the wrong post. I'll just repeat myself and say how much I love the hand brooch and that spotted blouse!

Poke Salad Annie said...

great outfits! especially the lizard shirt :)
that kid is creepy.

Fun Dine With Me said...

In Barcelona you MUST eat at Cerveceria Catalana at Carrer de Mallorca 236 near Pg de Gracia Metro stop. Most amazing tapas and buzzy atmosphere.

<3 your blog.


Anonymous said...

Barcelona: The old curiosity shop (antiques vintage decoration)
Volta dels tamborets, 4 (el born)

a new and amazing shop


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