Friday, June 19, 2009

Glasgow June 16th 2009

I think this was my favorite day

IMG_1364 by you.

Necklace I bought vintage in Barcelona
Blouse 1940
lizard pin bought vintage in Glasgow
Skirt primark (cheap as hell store)
purse (that finds its way into each post)
bought vintage in Glasgow

IMG_1316 by you.

IMG_1312 by you.IMG_1311 by you.IMG_1330 by you.IMG_1344 by you.IMG_1372 by you.IMG_1408 by you.IMG_1403 by you.IMG_1398 by you.IMG_1426 by you.IMG_1418 by you.IMG_1429 by you.IMG_1430 by you.IMG_1444 by you.IMG_1446 by you.IMG_1447 by you.

I was not ready for this room
I was in shock
now I know there is a heaven
and this is what its made of

excuse the photo issues
my hands were shaking from excitement!!

IMG_1466 by you.IMG_1467 by you.IMG_1455 by you.IMG_1454 by you.IMG_1482 by you.IMG_1485 by you.IMG_1490 by you.IMG_1512 by you.IMG_1514 by you.IMG_1523 by you.IMG_1528 by you.IMG_1533 by you.IMG_1491 by you.IMG_1587 by you.IMG_1588 by you.IMG_1589 by you.IMG_1579 by you.IMG_1570 by you.IMG_1552 by you.IMG_1548 by you.IMG_1559 by you.IMG_1602 by you.IMG_1591 by you.
IMG_1640 by you.IMG_1641 by you.

Pierre and I loved the lighting
in this pub
so we decided to make sexy still life portraits

IMG_1657 by you.IMG_1665 by you.IMG_1651 by you.IMG_1650 by you.IMG_1676 by you.

We played this out door bowling type game
I unfortunately don't remember the real name
All I know is I got to the center
I of course had to take a
rub it in your face photo

IMG_1681 by you.IMG_1682 by you.IMG_1684 by you.IMG_1685 by you.IMG_1686 by you.IMG_1687 by you.IMG_1688 by you.IMG_1689 by you.IMG_1694 by you.IMG_1695 by you.IMG_1696 by you.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sorry, petanque.

Darla: Retro Ways said...

What a gorgeous game I love the color of the baskets! You look darling as always that purse is amazing! The necklace is gorgeous as well! ♥

Shannon said...

oh my god
i die!
the amount of work!
it's a mirror!!!!!!!!!!

you better be having the time of your life cuz i am so gd jealous!

Isabel said...

All that embroidery is astonishing. It's so beautiful and intricate. Wow!

Nana said...

wow that room is so great! can you tell us exactly where it is on your next post? its so awesome! And, here in Brazil that game is called bocha!

Velour said...

Amazing. I'm so incredibly jealous.
Foxy is on his way to your place, so will hopefully be arriving shortly after you return!

Elizabeth said...

Love the sexy pub pictures!!! The lighting is pretty and you guys look adorable :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the French game called Boules?

Chicken Dinner Candybar said...

love the pub photos as well :D cute nail laquer, too!

Jade said...

Flat or Crown Green Bowls?
Thats what we call it, 150 miles south of glasgow :)

colleen said...

Of course it's bowls!


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