Monday, June 1, 2009

First photos of the year in Toulouse, France


My husband is French,
and we visit his
home town every year

Outfits in Toulouse

IMG_8082 by you.IMG_8065 by you.IMG_8066 by you.IMG_8231 by you.IMG_8183 by you.IMG_8321 by you.

The hotel where I am staying is so inspiring!
Especially the little frogs

IMG_8176 by you.IMG_8179 by you.IMG_8214 by you.IMG_8304 by you.IMG_8201 by you.IMG_8275 by you.

Toulouse street fashionista

IMG_8156 by you.

inspiring pieces of Toulouse

IMG_8161 by you.IMG_8163 by you.IMG_8169 by you.IMG_8154 by you.IMG_8152 by you.

IMG_8134 by you.

IMG_8133 by you.

IMG_8057 by you.

IMG_8101 by you.IMG_8100 by you.

swimsuit time

IMG_8311 by you.

IMG_8309 by you.

IMG_8308 by you.

IMG_8259 by you.

IMG_8264 by you.

more to come


Chelsea said...

It looks so nice, makes me want to hop across the water and holiday.

_nina_malvada_ said...

cute sandals...

like the second dress.. :)

agatcon said...

You always look gorgeaus :)

harps said...

what a great post full of beautiful images! love the green and black shoes with pom-poms - vintage I suppose? And I love the bunch of grapes brooch.

Isabel said...

Your swimsuit is so adorable! I want one like it!

retroliving said...

Love your striped dress. Gorgeous photos I am so jealous that hotel is amazing.

Le Tasché said...

What for a lovely photostream. Like the most your green shoes and this lovely small hat!

Anonymous said...

youre so lucky! awesome white dress!


Lecon de vetement said...

Chelsea you shouldd!!

nina_malvada thanks

agarcon thank you! I just looked at your blog and you look gorgeous too!

harps actually my shoes are new!! they are Harujuki girls shoes (part of Gwen Stefanie's thing, I suppose) and thanks

Isabel you can have it! I got it at forever 21 recently! I'm sure its still in the stores... in fact here I found it online as well!

retroliving I know isn't it ridiculously amazing!!??

To everyone: thank you soo much!

Lightning Heart said...

looks amazing there!
love your photos :)

Cassidy said...

What an inspiring, dreamy place!
How I wish I could be there too.
and you look amazing, as usual!

Hope you're having a lovely time!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

You have the greatest accessories on planet earth.

Anonymous said...

Best costume ever !!


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