Saturday, June 13, 2009

Barcelona 6th 7th 8th 2009


My daily outfit

IMG_8702 by you.IMG_8709 by you.IMG_8740 by you.IMG_8737 by you.

Magical brooches that I bought at a market

IMG_9003 by you.
IMG_8786 by you.

inspirational finds

IMG_8917 by you.IMG_8774 by you.

IMG_8861 by you.IMG_8836 by you.


My daily outfit

IMG_8875 by you.IMG_8873 by you.IMG_9041 by you.

inspirational finds
IMG_9028 by you.


My daily outfit
IMG_9156 by you.IMG_9307 by you.IMG_9289 by you.

I bought a fantastic knit top

IMG_9475 by you.

In this store full of beautiful clothing and accessories
(I wanted everything there)

IMG_9378 by you.IMG_9376 by you.IMG_9375 by you.IMG_9374 by you.IMG_9373 by you.

Located on this street

IMG_9379 by you.

inspirational finds

Barcelona market
IMG_9108 by you.IMG_9109 by you.
IMG_9112 by you.IMG_9114 by you.IMG_9117 by you.IMG_9093 by you.IMG_9124 by you.IMG_9145 by you.IMG_9154 by you.

parrots that live among the pigeons
IMG_9195 by you.

inside and outside one of Gaudi's houses
IMG_9253 by you.IMG_9249 by you.IMG_9236 by you.IMG_9302 by you.IMG_9288 by you.IMG_9292 by you.


Elizabeth said...

Did your mind get blown away at that food market!!! Looks like you found some great places.

Lightning Heart said...


gorgeous photos!

melly said...

Oh you're so fortunate to go see Barca, i really hope to get myself there someday. Some of the best photos of markets you took :]

And your dresses are all a dream and they fit you so well. I cannot get enough!

Shannon said...

sweet jesus! that market!

you musta been all over them fried egg gummi's.

that top you bought is awesome.
you must be having so much fun!

trishhunterfinds said...

The lollies the lollies!!!

Lecon de vetement said...

TO Mom: Yeah the market was so great, Pierre was VERY confused as to why I was excited to go a market. He slightly got it when we arrived. ahah

cant wait to see your photos of Bath and around.

TO Lightning Heart: Wow yeah, the candies killed me, thanks!

TO melly: I have to admit Barcelona is not easy to have a good time in. YOu really have to search for the cool spots. I recommend taking lots of time to prepare before. Luckily My husband's cousin lives there, and he told us about cool things, like the hedge maze that I posted in my new post...and thanks about my dresses, I felt a little self conscious those days because people were looking at me like who is this little pale white ghost? :)

TO: shannon I know!! Great right?? Im having a lot of fun but Jesus, Barcelona took a lot out of me, physically and mentally! Eggs=love

TO: Trishhunter loves: hehe!

Isabel said...

Looks like you're having an amazing time in Europe. I'm so jealous! And of course you look super-cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh I miss that city... and the Catalan Art Nouveau... love love love !

kimvee said...

OHMYGOSH! That food market is amazing, especially the CANDY ::drools:: LOL


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