Thursday, June 4, 2009

Balding white hair

My outfit of the day

Since I already posted this dress here
this outfit is really about
the hard to find 1950's shoes
look at the inside!!!!!!!!!

IMG_8459 by you.

IMG_8557 by you.

My husbands outfit of the day

bow ties
are all a man needs

IMG_8511 by you.

Fellow blogger
told me about
a store called
In Toulouse

Lots of 1950 finds
and good prices

IMG_8520 by you.
IMG_8521 by you.IMG_8524 by you.

Look what I found!

1950's skirt 20 e
1950 swim suit 20 e
Yves Saint Laurent 50 e

IMG_8543 by you.IMG_8542 by you.IMG_8545 by you.IMG_8544 by you.

Toulouse was having a party
that matched my finds above
(the skirt and shirt)
I guess it was in the stars IMG_8533 by you.

French mothers
are all about perfume
so I was forced (oh poor me!!)
To choose like every year
I chose the Viktor & Rolf flower bomb

IMG_8553 by you.
IMG_8551 by you.

Creepy find of the day

oh no!!
If you find this man.....

call 17 for the police

We are look for Antoine

5 ft 3'- average body shape-61 years old
brown eyes-balding white hair
tennis shoes and sportswear

IMG_8535 by you.


Olivia said...

I'm so jealous of those finds. I'll be in Toulouse for a few days in July right before I head back to New York, so you'll have to give me some suggestions as well! I really hope we get to cross paths in Paris. Let me know when you get in! Bises, o

Shannon said...


the inside of those shoes!!!!!

wish i was there shoppin' with ya

retroliving said...

Ehhhh that guy is creepy with his big smile. I just adore that swim suit you better keep your doors locked I really want to steal it!

Isabel said...

Hahaha, Antoine is a creeper!

harps said...

aww you're making me want to shop and go on holiday!

Cassidy said...

The swim suit is adorable!


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