Friday, June 5, 2009

fabric salamander vs. clay chameleon

Outfit of the day
Tunic design and pattern made by me
skirt H&M
shoes Harajuku Lovers
1920 ribbon

IMG_8574 by you.IMG_8571 by you.IMG_8565 by you.IMG_8564 by you.
While at my mother in law's house
there is plenty of down time
So I bought air dry clay and paint
and made some pins

IMG_8634 by you.

In the 1950's it was fashionable
to wear live chameleons
with little chain harnesses.
I am working on my final school collection
with this in mind as my sole inspiration.

(If you know anything about this or have seen pictures, I would be happy to hear anything since I am researching non stop!)

(I promise to keep you posted)

I have made
a brooch version for now

IMG_8613 by you.IMG_8605 by you.IMG_8600 by you.

other random brooches

IMG_8631 by you.IMG_8627 by you.IMG_8624 by you.

To everyone who has contributed:
Thank you so much for the suggestions
in Glasgow and Barcelona
keep them coming!


jacklyn said...

wow really love the clay creations.may i know how it is done?if u would like to share.:)

Lecon de vetement said...

To jacklyn: The first photo of the package is a visual of the brand of air dry clay. I just molded what I wanted with my fingers, let it dry, then painted them with acrylic paint that I mixed from the primary colors.

Barima said...

Quite the sense of fun and lively grace you have in some of your outfits. I also enjoyed seeing some of your designs. Thanks for dropping by my page before. Be "seeing" you soon and have an excellent weekend

Chelsea said...

I always failed at air dry clay, i tryed to make sushi with it once. Are you visiting England or just Scotand on your travels?

Anonymous said...

Hey Nicole!

Don't know if you remember this fabric I bought a VERY long time ago. It became a skirt!

Photos here:

Enjoy your time in Toulouse :)

Tigerlily said...

The lizard brooch is very nice !

Isabel said...

That salamander brooch is just so cute! You have the best style ever.

Neira said...

that pink skirt is so gorgeous! i always love your skirts!

noa said...

I love the shoes!!

Anonymous said...

Go salamandra... fantastic ! ;D

Robin said...

Oh, I love the chameleon.
I also wish I had the skill to work air dry clay so well.

The pins are so much fun.


Sarah said...

Very lovely clay brooches! Dry clay is soooo difficult to work with, imo! Or maybe that I'm just bad at it.

Kerry Lockwood said...

I've just found a photo of my mother in Cyprus as a child with two lizards on her cardigan - would you like me to forward it to you for your research?

Lecon de vetement said...

To Kerry Lockwood: Pleas do send the pictures!!! Thank you so much for responding and sending the pictures to me!!! my email is
again thank you soooooooooooo muchh!!!

In Bug's Drawers said...

Awwww you are so cute and so is your blog. I love your style!!

If you get a chance, come by my blog and check it out and maybe follow too.

Have a nice weekend :)


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