Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Glasgow June 17 2009

I was in Paris and staying with my friend
and had many all night outings
so I am behind on my trip

Luckily Im back home
and I will catch up quickly


outfit of the day

IMG_1699 by you.IMG_1760 by you.IMG_1898 by you.IMG_1889 by you.

IMG_1875 by you.IMG_1888 by you.

people's palace social museum

IMG_1743 by you.
IMG_1727 by you.IMG_1732 by you.IMG_1730 by you.IMG_1735 by you.IMG_1734 by you.IMG_1736 by you.IMG_1754 by you.IMG_1746 by you.IMG_1737 by you.IMG_1758 by you.IMG_1776 by you.IMG_1796 by you.IMG_1851 by you.IMG_1829 by you.IMG_1827 by you.IMG_1848 by you.IMG_1844 by you.IMG_1857 by you.

Cemetary Necropolis

IMG_1992 by you.
IMG_1939 by you.IMG_1989 by you.IMG_1988 by you.IMG_1990 by you.IMG_1986 by you.IMG_1997 by you.

Pig and butterfly pub 
so amazing I almost cried
hilarious menu 
(for example it says to pay in feathers for one of the plates on the menu)
look at the plates!!

IMG_2007 by you.IMG_2011 by you.IMG_2023 by you.IMG_2016 by you.IMG_2027 by you.IMG_2024 by you.IMG_2029 by you.


Chelsea said...

Your bag scares me slightly but you take lovely pictures.

Tasha Wood said...


Sarah said...

Is that a taxidermied hedgehog??? How cute! I love how he's just hangin' out next to your purse and gloves. :)

Darla: Retro Ways said...

lovely photos, the bananas are pretty inspiring. I love the old bathing suit display so rad. Gorgeous post as always! ♥

Aya Smith said...

All of these pictures are wonderful! LOL, and those banana boots killed me! :)

elena-lu said...

those banana boots are crazy!
heehee this was a fun post :)

harps said...

oh I'm so glad you made it to the peoples palace! that bag is so adorable with the little head. wish I could mix patterns as fearlessly as you

Isabel said...

Ahh, I love all your clothes! And that hole-y plant.

Shannon said...

yr hair is so long now!
i love the pale lipstick AND I LOVE HEDGEHOGS


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