Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The adventures of the classic poodle skirt


Outfit details:

Skirt:  1950s poodle skirt with loopy felt applique poodles and scalloped hem
Socks: 1950s mens Valentines day socks (Men's socks are always the best, I swear by this)
Blouse: 1960s red blouse with ruffle sleeves and neck

Photos taken by: Nunu Amari
Located in: My bedroom and hallway


Rebecca said...

That skirt is INCREDIBLE!!!

Nicole Eymard said...

Thanks! I was thinking the same thing when I spotted it!

Anthea said...

That skirt is fantastic!

in the ruins of Berlin said...

OMG I have never seen such an UBER-poodle skirt before! great! xxx

Nora said...

My goodness that skirt is amazing! I mean a vintage poodle skirt is great already (i dislike those reproduction poodle skirt that looks so kitsch!), but the fact that it's got those fabulous details?! I AM SO JEALOUS! I love how you paired it with the amazing blouse as well! *whistles*

grace said...

oh I had one I had one I had one I would have been about six and LOVED it animal themes were very popular in the classy way what a great find

grace said...

oh and everyone had poodles large small and toy with nail polish, groomed to the max they were the dog of the moment

Hannah said...

I love it, you own the most unique pieces ever x

meg, reckless daughter said...

Ahh! that skirt is genius!

Charmaine said...

I've been love, love, loving your posts lately! Wonderful outfits and content. I especially like your hair here!


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