Thursday, October 24, 2013

Latest inspiration: Dog grooming

My friend Nunu is taking a dog grooming course, and I could not help but fantasize about all the cool things she will do!  I really am inspired by the 3d, relief sculpture, embossed effect this technique prides itself in.  Pomeraninans are used, but the experimentation with poodles is something special!. 
The above are a little too literal and garish for my taste.  I know in the right hands (Nunu) this technique and skill can be sooo magical and special!  I can not wait until Nunu opens her own dog grooming salon, it is going to be so magical!  I can just see her salon  filled with scalloped heads and heart shaped tails sitting all fancy, with the smell of roses and cakes filling the air!!

Nunu always has her dog Missy smelling like heaven with a little scarf and interesting hair cuts.  My dog Clementine is a natural beauty.  The little puppy is owned by a Japanese couple, who have had to deal with a lot of crazy puppy behavior!

1960s sea foam green ruffle dress worn as direct inspiration of dog grooming, and embossed, raised, relief surface treatments.


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Ella Weininger said...

That is fabulous!! You have got it right on. Doodle lovers everywhere thank you :-)

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Anna Schafer said...

I can just see her salon filled with scalloped heads and heart shaped tails sitting all fancy, with the smell of roses and cakes filling the air!!dog grooming


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