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Individuality is the key to Success

Fall fun
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The London design festival

My appreciation of Yorba Tribe philosophy, started with an etsy search a year ago.  I discovered this sash with stuffed, raised, quilted lizards and monkeys covered with generous hand beading, in uncommon color combinations, that oddly feel timeless. 

This piece was ticking all of my boxes!  I have a HUGE fashion fetish for sashes, animals appropriately represented/placed on clothing, fully beaded anything, 3d/quilted/stuffed anything, and of course color combinations that could only come from African gods!

  Despite the fact that this sash has obvious African details, and is in fact an uncommon piece of clothing: a sash (I plan to do an entire post about sashes...), strangers (including well read antique dealers) continuously show signs of bewilderment and awe.  They can not help but touch it to see if it is really there, and or ask where I bought it, as if insisting I went to a shop that directly sends me to the future, or to another planet.  

This truly is the highest of my priced possessions.

Upon researching the beautiful people of southwestern Nigeria and southern Benin, I found that the sashes, hats, tunics and chairs were made for chiefs.  Later, they began to represent wealth and success and would be given as dowry pieces.  The Yoruba people believe that authentic individuality of each man and women creates success in the development of their nation.  They believe that clothing is the most important way to both develop and express oneself to the fullest.   Each outfit is not only an expression of a man or woman, but each piece also represents the specific role they take in different tasks and occasions. 

Western cultures in the 1960s loved to collect these pieces, and mainly bought 20th century tourist pieces,
  I was lucky enough to grab my sash that dates before then!!!
Here and here are  links to more information about the Yoruba people and clothing
Here is an ebay search of Yoruba beaded pieces.


regan smith said...

That is a beautiful sash. I have been obsessed with serpents and other reptiles lately.

Helga said...

It's bloody awesome.
Some asshole is bound to give you stick for "appropriating their culture" blah blah, but I love it, and I love that you have such a great appreciation and love of other cultures in the most respectful way.:)

Nicole Eymard said...

Haha luckily no one has said I am appropraiating a culture yet! Its funny because i can understand where people are coming from when I had an indian themed party, buuuut in this case I am introducing and cherishing an otherwise unknown tribes. We do not want to forget these tribes, we must not choose to be ignorant in this case because we have a lot to learn from them.

Nicole Eymard said...

Thanks! Yeah I am eternally a big fan of serpents and reptiles.. You would love these summer sandals I have that are in the shape of a lizard

thorne garnet said...

beautiful. And to think this is called "primitive"

Mary Van Note said...

I love this Nicole!


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