Monday, October 14, 2013

Inspiration: 1950s 1960s cheerleading in the fall

Fall fun
Fall fun
When fall becomes official, will be combating it with this vest, and other magical pieces!  Take that disgusting English weather! >POW< #london #badweather #cheerleading #vintage #1960s #1950s #plaid #fashion #redhead #fall #autumn #redlips #whiteeyeliner
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Bradshaw, WV - For Momaw Tundra's boys. Can you pick her out?

My unhealthy 1960s cheerleader addiction was initially induced by a crazed etsy research evening with my pal Meri. What I love most about this cheerleding gear, resides in the convenience of finding a full outfit, already coordinated from head to toe, with collaborative textures.  How else are would you find rich fall colors in high quality wools?  Skirts with hidden pleats or colorful godet inserts??  What about the looped rug like quality of the patches and appliques of each individual school mascot, sewn to vests and sweaters?  I was even successful in finding a full look with an N (N for Nicole!) on the front!!!  I also scored a yellow sweater (shown above) that says Kaykay....
Kayvan has tried to steal it!!!

These outfits were hand crafted or at least assembled with love, and then went on to cheer up the (boys) school sports teams in the 1950s-1960s.  Now I think they were preserved to cheer up the general public at present.

Excuse me while I run through the leaves, sweating (because the wool is so high quality) and dazzling all the dog owners of Finsbury Park.  Clementine will obviously be my stylish companion showing off her natural orange, silky, full, and luscious winter coat. 


Nora said...

Noted. If I ever find any vintage cheerleader costumes I know who to call :)

Jennine Stalder said...

It feels kinda nostalgic to see those cheer uniforms from the 50’s and 60’s! It makes me think of how cheerleading has evolved through generations. The uniforms then really looked awesome, but I must say that the designs today are quite more preferable. The materials and patterns today are more comfortable, and give more freedom of motion while doing their stunts.

Jennine Stalder @ Uniform Express


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