Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentines day Bohemian Bisoux $50 giveaway

Yes!!! I am having another giveaway from Bohemian Bisoux!  
Mainly because this is one of my FAVORITE stores on etsy,

I truly can not get enough!!!!

She is offering a $50 gift certificate to my readers
Just in time for Valentines Day

Search her shop with keyword Sweetheart and you will find the sweetheart collection

Here are my Valentine favorites:
Most have sweetheart necklines!

The Brigitte- Vintage 1930s Starlet Princess Puff Sleeves Sweetheart Bust Velvet Corset Swirl Moire Pattern Satin Long Train Heavy Zipper Button Back Wedding Dress Gown Size Medium M 4 6

The Delilah- Vintage 1950s Popovers by Lanz Gingham Crocheted Ruffle Dress Size Medium

The Stella- Vintage 1940s 1950s Rockabilly Pin Up Bombshell VLV Prom Party Pale Bubblegum Hot Pink Lace Ruffles Sweetheart Bust Tulle Full Sweep Skirt Bow Back Dress Size Medium M

The Winnie- Vintage 1950s 1960s Pin Up Rockabilly Mad Men Cherry Bomb Red Three Piece Wiggle Dress Cropped Suit Jacket with Belt Size Large XL

The June- Vintage 1950s 1960s Baby Pink Ruffled Bullet Bra Babydoll Nightie Slip Size Medium Large

The Celestine- Vintage 1940s Liquid Ivory Satin Beaded Mesh Sweetheart Bust Long Train Wedding Gown Dress Size 4 6 Medium M

The Ingrid- Vintage 1940s Cliff Macklin Red Button Front Cocktail Party Dress Size 4 6 Medium M

The Jolene- Vintage 1930s 1940s Pale Blush Pink Lace Sweetheart Silk Chiffon Evening Gown Dress Size Small Medium

The Daphne- Vintage 1950s Red Satin Sweetheart Bustled Back Cocktail Dress Size Small

The Etienne- Vintage 1930s Peach Satin Lace Tap Shorts Size Medium 28W

The Alice- Vintage 1960s Red and White Printed Silk Trapeze Swing Top Size Large XL

The Tahlia- Vintage 1960s Pink Beaded Sequined Cocktail Top Size Large XL

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ŽTell me the most romantic love story you have ever heard, or lived ÿ*


Entries are closed on Mon. 24 2011
Winner will be announced  wed 26 2011



Tart Deco™ said...

I follow through Google. I will twitter right after this (tartdeco) and here's my story:

In 2008 I went to a WWII event in Rockford, IL. It is an all weekend event with a dance on Saturday night and tons of people get dressed up in 40s clothing or uniforms. I went in a cute 40s day dress and looked a lot like Lucille Ball, I have to say. Throughout the day I kept noticing a really cute man dressed as French resistance, but I never seemed to be able to talk to him. That night at the dance (in a different dress and hair flower, of course) I saw him but was too nervous to talk to him so I sent a girlfriend of mine to chat him up and see what kind of a guy he was. At the time I was a smoker, so I went outside and struck up a conversation with a German fellow. As it turns out he was the Frenchman's friend and was sent out to chat me up as well. He was just as nervous to meet me! Eventually we started talking and spent the rest of the night deep in conversation. One year later he proposed and in 2009 we were married (you can read more about that on my blog).

The funny thing is, neither of us wanted to go to that first event but our friends made us go and we sure are glad they did!

P U R P L E - D E E R said...

I'm a follower! Re-tweeting this now. And the greatest love story I know of is my own. The night my husband met me, he didn't get a chance to grab my number. So it took two and a half weeks to get it. He went back to the party we met at, found the owners of the apartment, when through a friend of a friend to get it and call me.


I'm a-followin' you on facebook and am just about to tweet this out as soon as I give you the most. romantic. story. ever.

Read (click) this:


And then go ahead and try and tell me that's not the most romantic story of love you have ever read.

Go on, I dare ya.



I did done tweeted it too (just like I said I would):

A $50 Bohemian Bisou Giveaway NOW over on Fashion Forestry's blog. Alls you gotta do is talk about love, love, love. http://bit.ly/h7k0vU

Bex via Twitter {@BargainBex)


Hi. Me again. Better yet ... read and click this (since it's a link that actually works!):


Beautiful love story if I ever did read one.


thatdamngreendress said...

ooohh...love those sweet pink satin panties!
love reading all these sweet personal stories...

My delightfully romantic man friend sent me a sweet crayon heart valentine some 19 years ago...we had only met briefly on the sidewalk through a friend and lived in separate cities, so we corresponded for a year and a half, and then nervously met up one summer and have barely been apart since...

an avid follower through google reader!

Amandine said...

1. I follow through google.
2. I will announce this giveaway on my (near useless) blog.
3. I thought "Kitty Foyle" (a movie from the 1940s) was quite romantic, but very sad. I haven't heard many love stories, though.

sacramento said...

I follow you everywhere.
The most romantic story, my own.
I went to England to teach Spanish for a year. I I saw my husband in a crowd and in that instant i knew I have met the love of my life, before even talking to him. We are still together.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

1. I follow you with Google Friend Connect.
2. I am working the contest into my next blog post as we speak!
3. My story is more silly than romantic....... and long and ramble-y. Sorry, writing is not my forte:

During university, my friend and I were constantly bemoaning our singleness. We were learning how to knit, pricing out rocking chairs, amassing a collection of teas, and and compiling a list of good cat names. All in preparation for our seemingly destined cat-lady spinsterhood. As it turns out, my friend's brother was likewise preparing for future as a bachelor (or whatever the male version of a spinster is), and my friend (who loooooved to play match maker) decided that the two of us should meet. I dug in my heels, worried that our friendship might take a hit if things didn't turn out down the road, and hating the idea of a blind date. He did likewise. For just over a year my friend did everything she could think of to get the two of us to meet and we both kept refusing. Then it happened. The university Christmas concert. Being in the music department, she and I knew most of the people in the choir, and I was feeling guilty that I hadn't gone to see any of their performances yet that year. My friend was also going, so we arranged to meet. Unbeknownst to either of us, her brother had a friend who went to my university and also sang in the choir. He was in the same guilty boat as me, and called up his sister at the last minuet to hitch a ride to the concert. While riding my bike to our meeting spot, I recognized her bleach blond hair through the window of a Starbucks, so I went in to meet her. And her brother. Who was amazing. And that was that, we've been pretty much glued at the hip for the past two years. I guess some things are meant to be :)

< /end of lame story >

mary van note said...

I follow you everywhere and I'll tweet the giveaway.

I met my boyfriend first via youtube when he wrote me a message and ordered a t-shirt through my site. He wrote about coming out to see me perform. A month later he introduced himself to me at the comedy club before I was about to perform. The entire rest of the night I gushed to my friend about how cute I thought that guy was.

A couple weeks later we had our first date. He brought me candy cane joe joes and we spent over 7 hours together on our first date. It was magical!

We celebrate our one year anniversary a week from Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Hello Nicole!
I follow you/your blog daily. I have turned my sister& sister-in-law to your blog & have emailed them on your giveaway...yay! And I have a few things in my Etsy cart for BohemianBisoux too.
I know it has already been said already here, but MY most romantic story truly is mine and my husband's. I went to a very small mass, every Sunday with my parents, for almost 20 years that was 50 miles away from our home. One Sunday, during mass, I felt as though eyes were on me---I looked up, and there was he was, looking at me and looking very handsome and dapper. My heart skipped a beat. He smiled and I looked shyly away. And that was just the beginning.
To make my story short but clear, we had many, MANY opportunites to meet throughout the years. His sister was my confirmation instructor, we both volunteered, he lived 4 houses away from church & at times would have to park on his street (in front of his house!) when the parking lot overflowed---but we never met, until that day.
And because I grew up a strict Catholic girl, my parents very protective. Extremely protective. As in no serious dating/engagement until college was done. I was lucky enough to have him as a male friend. But he always made the 50 mile drive to me every week. He worked tirelessly to have the trust of my parents. And over a year's time, we were in love& I had a promise ring. And my parents had no patience for it. I was told to break off all ties. I didn't. I tried to reason with them, and a plane ticket to a convent in Mexico was threatened. And in the middle of the night, my knight came for me, and we eloped. Knight-in- shinning armors do exist, so please believe!
That was over 5 yrs. ago, and our love is still as fresh, (but stronger) as the day I first saw my handsome&dapper fellow. We have been through so many trials, but we have made it, and all is well in our lives. I love him so!

paromita said...

i just tweeted this. this is very nice.I read this blog for the first time and i just loved it.n m following on twitter with the twitter id @paro_debee.

Anonymous said...

Just tumbl'd this :)

Sambard@ymail.com said...

Just tumblr'ed this... and am following through blogger. The sweetest love story I have ever heard (and I'm not a sappy person, so this is hard) is my boss's. She was a Belgian chef, working in France and her (future) husband met her while travelling through Europe. They are so sweet together!


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