Saturday, January 22, 2011

Charlotte Dellal

Shoe designer of the day

Charlotte Dellal

Fuit is one of my inspirations for spring, so when I heard about shoe designer Charlotte Dellal, 
I was smitten!!

Her designs and outfits are very inspiring
see for yourself:

The Room

If I had the money they would be mine NOW, if you have the money: Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Dellal


melina bee said...

carmen miranda so would wear those fruit shoes. I love these accessories, I like fashion that is having fun.
as for the banana purse, you could buy a banagrams game and dump out the contents, although it is less luxe and smaller.

mary van note said...

love ! I really love those leaf shoes...

TaggingFashion by Aram said...

Love the Fruity-shoes! So cute!

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

I really like those leave heels!

Roma said...

You're right! She is amazing! :) thank you for introducing me to the world of charlotte dellal! :)

April said...

Okay, that banana bag is the greatest. So fun and humorous!


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