Monday, January 3, 2011


Dear readers,
Thank you soooooo much for supporting, visiting and commenting on my blog! 
You all mean so much to me!
Wish you guys all the best this year!!


Fashion Forestry

Dress: 1960s silver foil knit dress with 2 celluloid buttons
Brooch: Champagne glass with pink pleated tulle and star studs, made by me! 
Tights: Champagne pink sweater knit H&M
Shoes: 1930s leather foil scallops
Tiara: Foil+paper walgreens
Nail polish: silver sally hansen
Eye shadow: pink pixed by me, with gold dots/speckles: aquarelle by Make Up Forever 


sacramento said...

You are fantastic beyond words.
Happy 2011 my dear, dear friend.

Artfully Awear said...

Oh, I love the champagne pin! Way too cute. You all look so festive. Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

Gahhhhhh, your hair is SO amazing. I'm longing for long hair right now! The photos are so great and full of happiness!

Jenni said...

You look so awesome! Love your sparkly dress!

mary van note said...

I don't even remember some of those pictures being taken. YIKES!!!

I'm so glad I got to spend NYE with you and Pierre! I love you guys!

Fashion Forestry said...

Sacramento: happy 2011

Artfully: Thank you, it was so fun to make!

Michelle: Thanks :)))

Jenni: Thanks! I know, right, its so "foily"

Mary: OOoops I hope you like the pictures I was super easy since you looked extremely glamorous EVERY second! WE LOVE YOU TOOOOOO!!!!!!!!1

Crystal Lee said...

you both look darling & always seem to be having tons of fun!

BlueVanilla said...

You girls look marvelous! Happy New Year!

Sophi said...

well aren't you a couple of cutie pies! you look just as stunning and perfectly dressed as always :)

Pachi Sánchez said...

Happy new year, funny pics!!
Regards from Utopia.


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