Friday, January 14, 2011

1930s all the way









Blouse: 1930s from Bassqueen 01
Shoes: 1930s from Cybele 1986
Necklace: 1940s from The Plastic Fever
Umbrella: 1920s from Costume Party


Anonymous said...

holy. crap.
that necklace is soooooooooooo COOL!!!

Alicia said...

The blouse and shoes are incredible. You're just a master of color/pattern mixing - totally inspiring!

Penny Dreadful said...

I think you need to carry a sword so you you can challenge someone to a duel.

Laura said...

My god woman, you are AWESOME!
You've totally just gained a new follower!
I am totally amazed and inspired by your great mixing of colours, patterns and other cool stuff and you hair is amazing!

Love from Holland,

Kelly-marie said...

You look absolutely stunning! I love your hair SO much and that necklace...OH MY! :) x

Fashion Forestry said...

Misc maranda- I dided when I found it!

Alicia- Oh why thank you!

Penny dreadful- So musketeer right? haha my hair looks like a man from the th century bahahaha

Laura- so glad you are following! Ps I love Holland!

Kelly Marie- I'm moving in April or me about London if you can!

Anonymous said...

The elephant shoes--major envy!

Excellent blouse too.

Caroline said...

The necklace! Aw, that's so cute and very odd at the same time, which is always a good thing of course!

reckless daughter said...

that necklace was made for you! so good!

sacramento said...

That necklace is pure inspiration to me, and so in the shirt, and everything else, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (suspiro...)
I am after a dress, shirt, skirt... with different type of patterns: houses, cars, people, animal...All I find is stripes, check and flowers.
if you come across any of the above, please, please give me a shout.
have a wonderful weekend.

WelcomeToTheMoon said...

Wow wow wow wow! Every time you post your fantastic outfits, i just can't believe how any one can have such ridiculously amazing style as you! Your photos are like parties for my eyeballs to partake in. I often go back through your archive to be re-inspired by older posts. (i also love looking at your hair transformations, beautiful every time!) Thank you for being such an amazing and inspirational person!


Arielle said...

I'll take it all!! even the hair ;)

Mia said...

oh damn i hope you dont get 3 diferent comments from me, my computer is going strange! I just want to say that i loveeee your neckless! and all the goodies you show us! i always heve my eye on your blog, maybe i should comment more often :) greatings from Ghent! <3 your blog!!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh I am having a conniption over that necklace. A CONNIPTION I tell you! And the blouse! And the shoes (elephants!!!! Holy crap, I gotta have a little lie down! Sarah xxx

melina bee said...

that necklace is killing me! what is that lipstick? so vivid and pink, it reminds me of bubble gum.

Kitty Von Purr said...

I had that blouse in my favourites on Etsy !!!
Glad it went to a good home,it looks purrfect on you ! xx

Rebekka Seale said...

You are just amazingly cool.


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