Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1940s all the way

Dress: 1940s ~ From: NodtoMod Vintage
Coat: 1940s 
Hat: 1940s with felt little flowers
Purse: 1930s ~ From: Alemany Flea Market 
Shoes: F21
Brooch: Lea stein


Mary and I visited the library
Look what we found in the 1933 Harpers Bazaar bound magazines:


Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

This is the most fabulous outfit I have seen you in yet. And I love the pink lipstick. I have a fairly bright one from Mac, but yours is a bit paler - I must get on the hunt for something similar!

Solanah said...

Oh that hat! It's amazing!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

THAT HAT! The shape of it is just amazing! This post is filled with such wonderful things, where can i find a dress with lots of pockets that birds can nest in?!! xxxxxxx

Artfully Awear said...

You look INCREDIBLE. I am obsessed with the blue-green colors on you and that dress is just killer. Loveeee it!

Anonymous said...

YOU just look like a chocolate! The hat and the dress are gorgeous. I adore Mary's blouse and the grey coat. These are GREAT finds.

whatkatiefound said...

YES to everything in this post!! especially that grey pleated coat, beautiful :)


Michelle of The Feather Den said...

Absolutely fabulous coat. I love both of your outfits!

I really need to visit a library...

calivintage said...

hell yeah, you got the dress! looks so good on you!

mary van note said...

um... we take good photos!

amy boras said...

adore your dress and i'm quite into Mary's top as well.

Jenny Morris said...

you are your friend must have made heads turn at the library! :)
babes in the staxxx

Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

oh my god that dress is amazing, ahhhhh I love it! the colours are so great!

melina bee said...

that hat is so unusual, it reminds me of chocolate savings

Cassidy said...

I adore you! Gosh I just love the 40s. What a great era for fashion and style.

Unknown said...

Penny Dreadful: Glad that its a favorite!

Solanah: Its one of my favs

Caroline: I will make it!

Artfully Awear: Im pretty obsessed with the color combination myself!

Terri: haha yeah now that you mention it I think its also a chocolate/ candy colored outfit

Katie: The coat used to be mine, its from H&M

Michelle: YESS You do!

Erin: yesssss

Mary: You we are professionals haha

vintagevixxen: It used to be mine, but I think it suits Mary soo well!

Jenny: The librarians actually complemented us :)

Vintage seen: thanks

Melina bee: Haha I like all the candy imagery everyone has been sending my way :)

Cassidy: I actually prefer the 1930s, but the 40s comes in at a close second :))


i love the outfit and the old prints !

Lou said...

I am having a style crush. The eighteen year old me would of printed pictures for the scrapbook and obsessive trailed the shop and the internet for that "look."

Honor said...

I love the buttons on your coat

Zinnia Cress said...

holy shiz... i LOVE this outfit! swoon! i've been reading your blog for a while now and am so in love with all of your fun, bright clothes!!! if i ever win the lottery.. can i ever possibly buy your wardrobe??? i would guess proabably not... but i had to ask! :)

dreaming zinnia :)

dirtbike said...


Sydney B. said...

Smashing dress and hat! Incredible!



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