Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh when shall we meet Muiccia?

I am awaiting our meeting, I have so much to tell you....

Forever your fashion slave,
Fashion Forestry

P.S.  I agree with you...its all about the stripes


Mia said...

oh you´re right! it´s all about the stripes! i think most of times, stripes are special because once you wear stripes you can use all different kind of stripes! i am really addited to your blog, its increadeble all the fashion information you always have to share! you inspire me, thank you! greatings from Ghent! mia

mary van note said...

I love this video. I really want those glasses. HELLA BAD!

Anonymous said...

i do really LOVE this video. backward dancing and amazing music to partner with this super fun prada ss11 line!

Just one little correction for you. miuccia.

oh yeah, and man the glasses are fantastic, not my style but i'm still drawn to them!


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