Friday, March 6, 2009

MY disappearance

So this dress
and other projects
have resulted in
my  MIA-ness

Outfit photo
explosion will happen 
this weekend

IMG_4102 by lecondevetement.
IMG_4105 by lecondevetement.IMG_4104 by lecondevetement.


Isabel said...

BAM! I love it. :)

What we four say said...

Wow, that does explain it. SO many beautiful details, nicely done.

Nana said...

OMG I would so buy this dress! when are you gonna start selling your stuff? <3

Anonymous said...

super cute! the colour is adorable! I love the details!

Elizabeth said...

That is super COOL Nicole!!!! Great Job :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, the detail on that dress is very cute!


Deborah said...

The dress you made is very cute! The details near the shoulders of the dress remind me of speach bubbles in cartoons lol!


Unknown said...

To everyone: Thank you so much, and sorry for my delay in answering

To Nana: When I have time I will start selling my stuff, for now, all I have made is on

To Debora: I didn't notice that until you said it! Cute :)


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