Monday, March 23, 2009

Last weekend's photoshoot

I did a photo shoot
Of all my Designs
from this year
so far

The model is my sister.
I design usually what she
and I want to wear.
so my measurements used for the pattern,
and the size of my dress form
are all her measurements

Ill give a little blurb
about each garment

This is the botanist's dress. I wanted to made the sleeves look like arm rests on a couch. I also wanted to capture pleats in a flower/star shape and in a triangle that falls from the bust point.

IMG_5055 by you.

IMG_5115 by you.

IMG_5088 by you.

IMG_5038 by you.

IMG_5040 by you.

IMG_5041 by you.

IMG_5071 by you.

IMG_5083 by you.

IMG_5121 by you.

IMG_5160 by you.

IMG_5132 by you.

IMG_5193 by you.

IMG_5101 by you.

This is the "save the amphibians" dress/tunic. This is a piece of a collection, that is supposed to raise awareness to the decreasing population of amphibians, due to water shortages and pollution. I plan on making the whole collection out of rain water fed cotton (because cotton is the most harmful fiber to the earth (in many ways), unless is rain water fed)

This dress has a giant salamander applique crawling down the front with an embroidered face. The dress/tunic is super short and the sleeves are huge and long (just the way I like it). All made out of cotton

p.s I made a green frog hang tag with all instinction information.
It will be on all the garments
from the collection.
Look for it in the pictures!

IMG_5030 by you.

IMG_5029 by you.

IMG_5032 by you.

IMG_4992 by you.

IMG_4989 by you.

IMG_4974 by you.

IMG_4975 by you.

IMG_4961 by you.

IMG_4950 by you.

IMG_4946 by you.

IMG_5012 by you.

IMG_4944 by you.

This collar accessory was a project where I had to take a weird material and make it something wearable. I used the foam that protects dinning tables. While I was experimentally fringing the sides of different shapes I realized it felt and looked like insects. Soft to look at but crinkly to feel. So, with that idea in mind I made pointy flowers and moths. As you can see I made the collar so you can wear it at all different lengths (at front and back)!

IMG_4919 by you.

IMG_4941 by you.

IMG_4936 by you.

IMG_4934 by you.

IMG_4932 by you.

IMG_4927 by you.

IMG_4907 by you.

IMG_4918 by you.

IMG_4926 by you.

IMG_4940 by you.

This dress is my seashell bustier. Made up of boning, three layered bodice, many seams, and gathered skirt. Sea foam cotton

IMG_4876 by you.

IMG_4865 by you.
IMG_4879 by you.

IMG_4881 by you.

IMG_4889 by you.IMG_4887 by you.IMG_4900 copy by you.

This is the ribbon dress. I got the idea from a water filter...then I came up with the idea of interchangeable ribbons that flow through button holes to bring life all around the garment, like veins in the body. Fabric: a silk wool blend grosgrain ribbon: rayon

IMG_5257 by you.

IMG_5300 by you.

IMG_5238 by you.

IMG_5253 by you.

IMG_5266 by you.

IMG_5269 by you.

IMG_5245 by you.

IMG_5308 by you.


What we four say said...

Beautiful collection, I love that you are trying to raise awareness for a cause you believe in. That is such a great thing to do along with your art. The fabrics and textures are gorgeous. Besides all the amazing creations, I can't help but notice your sisters amazing shoes. Are they new or vintage? If new could you pass along the brand/store? Thanks!

Isabel said...

Amazing designs, photographs, model, everything! The seashell bustier is probably my favourite piece - so creative!!!!

megan said...

Your sister is so cute, and I love her gorgeous hair! The collection is great- it's so interesting and unique.

megan /

Caitlin said...

AW, yay! I'm glad they turned out, they look really cute!

Cassidy said...

Your sister is absouletly beautiful! As you are too ^^

I love your designs. They're so unique and inspiration and I'm addicted to your blog (haha). I just adore everything you wear and make, never stop or else I will be morbidly depressed.

If you ever become a big time designer, I will support you 300 percent because you deserve it and you are indeed, very, very talented.

Keep up the good work (:

Anonymous said...

Your work is amazing! I would definitely support you if you ever make it big, and I hope you do! :]

Owl and the Grapes said...

Stunning designs. I love the seashell bustier in particular. Kindrid spirits indeed!

Brooke Alexandra said...

I love the sweet little salamander and the seashell bustier!

Anonymous said...

Your sister is so cute !
I adore what you do, really, every item in the shoot is just per-fe-ction !!!

dirtbike said...

hey blog heyyyy

um that vein dress looks awesome with a body in it! my favorite is the green scallop-y dress.

louise or valentine said...

i seriously want to buy all of these dresses. are you recreating any of them at all for some sort of (small) mass production???

Unknown said...

TO Pretty pirate: Thank you so much! I cant remember the brand of my sister's shoes, but I know we shopped for them together in Height street. You can ask her what the brand is on her blog :)

TO Isabel: Thank you soo much!

TO Megan: thank you, yeah she is and always will be the perfect model for my designs!

TO Cassidy: Thanks so much, and its go to know I'm supported :) Yeah my sister is very beautiful!

TO Allison: thank you for the support!

TO Owl and Grapes: Thanks :)

TO Brooke Alexandra: thank you

TO rossovelvet: Yeah, my sister is great! Thanks, that means so much!

TO Shannon: I'm going to post about you tomorrow! Heeeeey!

TO Louise or Valentine: I would love to do stuff on mass scale, but I lack the time :( It will happen though, and it makes me so happy that you are seriously interested :)

april said...

Everything is so beautiful! I love seeing your work! You have such a fantastic eye for colour and you're just so creative! I love your brain!
This photo shoot has me missing my sister big time!!! Isn't it nice to have a full-sized, living,breathing doll to dress up and take pictures of?! Did you do the make up for the shoot too? Her eye makeup and lipstick colour in the first few outfits is just gorgeous! I love that granny coral shade!

harps said...

you are so talented, I love reading about the thought processes behind the designs. you're very lucky to be able to do what you love! I'd love the have the time + talent to make the things that exist only in my mind! the collar is my favourite, the moths look fabulous (and I'm terrified of moths, so you did well)

olga d said...

well if you ever go broke, you'll always have something to sell on ebay. my favorite is still the seashell one.

Anonymous said...

Nicole, I'm so glad you took the time to share this with us. I love everything you make, you're so talented and those pictures are amazing.

louise or valentine said...

would you ever sell any of these samples? just curious.
ps love your style!

Unknown said...

Your collection of dresses is absolutely stunning! My favorite is the salamander one; a salamander is one of those creatures you never really think of as being pretty or feminine, but it certainly is on this lovely dress. I had no idea that cotton was so harmful and I consider myself somewhat of an environmental buff! That is very interesting. It kind of makes me sad because it's like you can't win! If you want to be kind to the animals you wear vegan and that usually means cotton, but you gotta be kind to the earth, too! What are the alternatives?

Unknown said...

Olga d: Haha good idea!

To aldeline: Thanks so much! That means a lot to me!!

To Louise or Valentine: I really have to think about it, because Im not done with my portfolio, and I need advice of whether or not I should keep them :)

To zombielace:

I actually made that for my sustainability class last semester. I learned that you cant do it all, its actually not natural or good for the environment to do it all.

So here are some of the ways you can help: choose vintage, don't choose animal products, don't choose cotton (especially), choose quality, choosing classically (for your own taste, don't choose plastic goods, choose plastic goods, dont choose paper goods and the list goes on and on.............

so if you purchase something and you choose 1 or 2 or 3 items for this list (as long as they are not similar) you are being a truly responsible and noble citizen of the earth.

the reason why i say you should choose differently all the time is because, in nature thing are always random changing patterns.

the reason why choosing the same all the time is bad is for example: cotton got so popular (especially for those who got obsessed with no animal products)that cotton is not treated as preciously as it should be. Its actually a really hard crop to grow naturally, so farmers pump up the soil and cotton with chemicals and take all the water, and rinse off all the poison excess water into the land. The land also suffers from the giant (non native) cotton crops that are grown there constantly (soil benefits from different rotating crops).

So when i did my project, I focused on one of the options that consumers should be aware of. Maybe you will not buy cotton one time, where as a few months later you will.

Alpaca, is anther fiber that caused problems. Alpacas, were the perfect fiber, they poop in a communal pile (poop used for compost, the piles keep the alpaca clean) , they need to be groomed, they wont survives if there are too many (causing mandatory free and open living spaces) and its comparable to cashmere. But then All the designers, wanted it and they stopped ordering everything else. Since the Alpacas, have specific requirements, the breeders/caretakers, couldn't expand for the booming popularity, and so they started to kill their competition!!!!!!!!

Any more information and i would be glad to give it to you :)

White Lightning said...

this is downright dreamy. the ribbonveins dress is now a permanent wish..!

Unknown said...

Oh my, fabulous! We met today, I cut your fabrix. I would love to stay updated on everything. You've given me so many inspirations. If you ever need any help, I will be more than willing to lend my time. 3193213295. <3 An

Unknown said...

hey An, thanks for the love!! Do you have a blog or Facebook or something?
Anyway Ill probably need help when Im freaking I may take you up on that offer:)! Im going to call you for sure when I start making my resin purses. Constructing things with resin is just something you do with pals!


Bianca said...

you. are. amazing.


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