Monday, March 23, 2009

Tiny Outfit

This illustration from
1965 Vogue
inspired this outfit

IMG_5342 by you.

I love clothing items with
a print and that corresponds
to the brooch placed on top

in this outfit there is a spider brooch
on a daffodil print

IMG_4767 by you.

gold belt and gold purse
matching like old school
makes me happy

IMG_4731 by you.


Anonymous said...

Stunning inspiration !
I love the way you reinterpretated it !

Isabel said...

I love all the shades of green and the saddle shoes! A wonderful outfit. :)

harps said...

this is one my favourite outfits ever! the mint green with black and white polka dots is charming, and the shoes are perfect.

ZombieLace said...

I have some polkadot pants kind of like these but mine are longer and more granny-ish. They look great with the saddle shoes!


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