Saturday, March 7, 2009

Past weeks

Lets catch up on my outfits, 
then we will talk about 
my favorite fashion week 
runways tomorrow

1920 dress
1920 sash 
mac ruby woo lipstick
we love colors tights
1960's 101 Dalmatian shoes

IMG_4025 by you.


IMG_4089 by you.
IMG_4090 by you.IMG_4093 by you.


IMG_4021 by you.IMG_4012 by you.IMG_4011 by you.IMG_3903 by you.

IMG_3895 by you.IMG_3892 by you.

my sister feather

IMG_4081 by you.

and photoshoots 
with my pal Marilou
IMG_3999 by you.
IMG_4003 by you.
IMG_3995 by you.IMG_3994 by you.IMG_3984 by you.
IMG_3941 by you.
IMG_3944 by you.


olga d said...

1. yellow tights = hot. i just got some. can't wait to wear them today.

2. you have hot friends.

3. outfits are glorious. as usual.

4. how is the new makeup palette working out?

Anonymous said...

Those Dalmatian shoes are one of my biggest crushes ever! If you ever get tired of them, I'll give you a billion gold lingots to get them :)

Isabel said...

Your friend Marilou has the greatest sweater in existence.

harps said...

I've missed you! (oh god is that creepy? its not meant to be) all the mustard going on the outfits. Also, the sparkly headpiece and the black velvet hat are just lovely.

harps said...

ooopsy I left a word out in my comment...I'm sure you knew what I meant.

Anonymous said...

Love the first outfit!

The sash reminds me of the sufragettes.

Nataly R. said...

Print on your dress from the first photo is so amazing!I like it. And your tights are crazy! I adore coloful tights too.

Storybook Bunny is America Blasco said...

awesome photo shoot fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely lovely ! I have the same tights... and I a-do-re mustard !

Your blog is fantastic, I googlereaderit immediately ;D


hi i live in brasil and theres an artist here that reminds me of your clothes especially that blue dress with a lace, his called Ronaldo Fraga.and hes very loved here.

thats it,kiss from Brasil

Lecon de vetement said...

Olga d: You are a peach!

To Isabel: We were shopping together and when we found it we both almost died :)

To harps: No its not creepy!!! I miss this world, but school work has been killing me. Thanks

To Acervo: Amazing thanks so much!!!

melly said...

how great is that first outfit, the lipstick, those crazy shoesies!

and your sister is just as interesting as you are (:


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