Sunday, March 22, 2009

trying not to dissapear

I know I continue to be scarce
but its for good reason
soon their will be
an explosion
of all my work

One thing is for sure

As promised
here are my
runway critiques

Over all I HATED
the fall collections

Same pointed shoulders
from every designer

done to DEATH

color trends

*Brights (not neons) with darks
*muted brights with black

The only ones who sparkled and dazzled me:

Central St. Martin's Laura Mackness
Comme des Garcons
Miu Miu
Jonathan Saunders
Chirstopher Kane

The ones I just liked:

Erin Featherston

The ones I really hated and loved at the same time (yes its possible, I'll explain below):
Marc Jacobs
Louis Vuitton

photos in order of brilliance:

Comme Des Garcons

Concept, colors, textures, hair, and accessories are excellent!!!

sshot-2009-03-08-[10-48-28] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-47-46] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-43-47] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-42-16] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-42-04] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-48-48] by you.

Laura Mackness: So brilliant and ahead of everyone!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE!!!!!!

sshot-2009-03-08-[10-40-09] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-39-27] by you.
sshot-2009-03-08-[10-39-16] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-39-02] by you.

sshot-2009-03-08-[10-39-38] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-38-39] by you.

Miu Miu
Prints, fur placement, makeup and shoes are Brilliant!!!!!!! Prada is my God

sshot-2009-03-21-[14-18-17] by you.sshot-2009-03-21-[14-14-02] by you.sshot-2009-03-21-[14-13-41] by you.sshot-2009-03-21-[14-16-26] by you.

The make up and hair and textures are unbelievably amazing, as usual I want to own EVERYTHING....Prada is my god

sshot-2009-03-06-[23-25-50] by you.sshot-2009-03-06-[23-26-06] by you.sshot-2009-03-06-[23-26-27] by you.sshot-2009-03-06-[23-26-43] by you.sshot-2009-03-06-[23-28-42] by you.sshot-2009-03-06-[23-28-24] by you.sshot-2009-03-06-[23-27-20] by you.sshot-2009-03-06-[23-27-58] by you.

Louis Vuitton
I have a hat like the black one that reapers during the whole collection, so I have to like the collection automatically. That is until I saw the disgusting dresses that look like 80s dresses that that are always discreetly hidden in vintage stores (strictly) for 80's parties that are disgusting on purpose. I thought it was disrespectful and untrue to the label until I noticed, that in the whole collection there was a good and bad version of each garment and accessory: for example the ensembles directly below:

Amazing / bad

sshot-2009-03-21-[18-12-07] by you.sshot-2009-03-21-[18-13-06] by you.

all good
sshot-2009-03-21-[18-06-28] by you.sshot-2009-03-21-[18-05-26] by you.
This red one has a horrible yellow opposite
sshot-2009-03-21-[18-04-50] by you.sshot-2009-03-21-[18-04-20] by you.
sshot-2009-03-21-[18-03-57] by you.sshot-2009-03-21-[18-03-38] by you.

Marc Jacobs
At first the color combinations terrified me, and then poof like magic I got it and then liked it. The pointed shoulders P'd me off though

sshot-2009-03-06-[23-11-52] by you.sshot-2009-03-06-[23-09-32] by you.sshot-2009-03-06-[23-10-04] by you.sshot-2009-03-06-[23-11-00] by you.

Christopher Kane
Some exquisite pieces that I want to be mine!!!!! They definatley hoped right out of one of Aubery Beardsley's drawings

sshot-2009-03-07-[09-57-42] by you.sshot-2009-03-07-[09-55-35] by you.sshot-2009-03-07-[09-58-24] by you.sshot-2009-03-07-[09-58-56] by you.

Jonathan Saunders
beautiful textiles as usual, since the silhuettes were copied from a combintation of Miuccia Prada's Prada 2007 and Miu miu 2007 I of course love it right away, A+ to the visable zippers, and shoulder wings!!!

sshot-2009-03-07-[10-06-33] by you.sshot-2009-03-07-[10-07-02] by you.sshot-2009-03-07-[10-14-44] by you.sshot-2009-03-07-[10-14-11] by you.

Erin Featherston blah blah...better...shes moving on this is good...I want to see more in this direction. I defintaley like the soft and harsh that are clashing. The hair is not working.

sshot-2009-03-07-[10-04-44] by you.sshot-2009-03-07-[10-03-32] by you.

Luella, too bad shes usually on the same brain wave...these were the only ones suitable to post :( boo hoo

sshot-2009-03-08-[10-29-53] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-31-04] by you.


olga d said...

marc jacobs is goddddd. i want him to fill me with babies. or at least gift me with a bag. at least.

In-tree-gue said...

comme des garcons <3
Rei can do no wrong. Luella was an enormous dissapointment, and the last 3 seasons were so good! Last season was so great and colorful and this season we coats.

Anonymous said...

How about Alexander McQueen? I loved his caricaturing of the pompous masquerade that is fashion world, without forgetting that he is a part of it.

Anonymous said...

Your runway critic is the most interesting I've read so far! Thanks for taking the time of sharing it with us.

harps said...

Luella was disappointing, I agree. And Beardsley is my favourite illustrator EVER!

Anonymous said...

Amazing job ! Many are my faves too. Congrats !!


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