Thursday, March 26, 2009

My sister's birthday

This is the outfit I wore
to my sister's
19th birthday

Early 1960 cat dress
1950 mouse purse
we love colors orange tights
1940's dead stock shoes
two H&M belts

IMG_5496 by you.

IMG_5501 by you.

IMG_5460 by you.

My sister opening her presents with her boyfriend

IMG_5484 by you.

this is what I got her:

1950's dress
Yellow felt brooch that I made
Lula magazine
1940 dead stock shoes

IMG_5487 by you.

brooch close up

IMG_5489 by you.

card close up

IMG_5430 by you.


L.Luna said...

Amazing! What a perfect kitty dress. My good friend Regan from "La meow vintage" is going to be so jealous when she see's this!

Shannon said...

wowza! ok so i fucking lovvvve the cat dress and um hello your sister is one lucky girl getting all that sweet stuff! makes me wish i had a sister... nope, just some stinky punk rock brothers. get excited about some class tomorrow, i did no homework over the break, so i'll be unprepared.

oni said...

you need to sell those brooches on etsy. NOW

bree said...

you are too cuute! i would die to own that feline dress!

olga d said...

can your parents adopt me so i too can be your sister?

also, cat dress with mouse purse is like grilled cheese with tomato.

niki said...

i wish you were my older sister

Eline said...

I'd do just about anything to own that cat dress... or everything else in this post/your blog!

Pretty Princess said...

that is such a beaitiful gift!!! I'm so jealous. I hope she appreciates it very much.

trishhunterfinds said...

Golly, I'd trade you that cat dress for my beach dress any day.
It looks AMAZING!!!
Your sister's gifts are perfect, I'd be your sister any day.

Nana said...

how do you find these things??? I'm so jealous! the brooch you made is really pretty, and I's be really happy to be your sister right now :D

Anonymous said...

This is so cool ! Last Lula is really great besides !

Oh, and I adore the tights. AND the cats. Just sweet and fun and... well, I adore them

Gina said...

I love your cat dress!

Tariro said...

The dress is amazing!

ZombieLace said...

You are a fantastic sister, I hope she appreciates the stunning gorgeous gifts you gave her! Also, I love the combination of the cat dress with the mouse purse, how cute :~)

Pretty Pirate said...

Meow, love that dress!!

Solanah said...

That dress is the cats meow.

senyii said...

hey i luv ur can i buy ur cloth??im from malaysia....drop me an email at


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