Saturday, February 21, 2009

I love Make up for ever

I finally own this color pallet!
Now I will have more unusual 
color combinations!!

buy it before it disappears 
(I've been on a waiting list for ages!!)

P.s. this little baby 
works on every part
of your face!!!


Anonymous said...

so cute i love that palette

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! But seriously $95 ?!?! Why whyyyy? I guess I'll have to save money first.

Samantha said...

such a pretty palette of colors =^.^=

Anonymous said...

that looks like the perfect palette, i need new make-up.

Unknown said...

Fabulous, what fun unique colors!! Knowing me, I'll drop it on the bathroom floor after 24 hours and cry over the powdery makeup shards that should have been on my face, haha. This is why I can't invest in nice makeup.

AlicePleasance said...

I always adore the makeup you wear in the pics here, so I can't wait to see what you can arrange with these fab colors :-)

L I L Y said...

will do. pretty palette.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have heard of Lauren Luke, but I think you would love her! I just discovered her today and can't stop watching. She's a real sweetheart with amazing makeup tips.


In 2007, Lauren Luke was a young single mother working as a cab dispatcher. Now, thanks to a series of YouTube makeup application videos, Luke has a book deal and a cosmetics line.

Unknown said...

That was so cute..
I love it..
Keep on writing friend..;D
Have a nice day friend.

Anonymous said...

I actually have that palette! and i also use the foundation+HD micro powder.
That powder is so fine, it can last you up to 6 monthes. seriously.

Unknown said...

To everyone: Thanks so much!!!

To Deline: Very perfect colors, and endless mixing!!!

To wendy: its amazing isn't it??

Unknown said...

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