Saturday, February 7, 2009


While I cut out my print block

IMG_3338 by you.

hand printed my fabric

IMG_3310 by you.

dotted the purple berries

IMG_3311 by you.

I wore this outfit

IMG_3308 by you.

IMG_3306 by you.

today I over-dyed the print
with a lime yellow
it faded into this

IMG_3335 by you.


Pretty Pirate said...

Gorgeous fabric creation! I love your outfit, you are much move brave than I to wear something so fab while using dyes! That skirt is beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

that must be so fun! endless possibilities :)

chelsea said...

I want to print my own fabric so badly. Unfortunately i only have a small screen and stolen squeegee to do it with.

olga d said...

what?! you can do that? i want some links to some tutorials or such. amateur me will dye a shirt one day or something. it will turn out horrid and i'll throw it out, but nonetheless...

Caitlin said...


Anonymous said...

This fabric looks BEAUTIFUL. Can't wait to see what it'll turn into.

andrea said...

I'm so into overdying!! I can't wait to see the results. I also love your shell bustier dress...I want it!!

Alison Vetrano Designs said...

YES! I knew it would come out great!!!


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