Saturday, February 7, 2009


While I cut out my print block

IMG_3338 by you.

hand printed my fabric

IMG_3310 by you.

dotted the purple berries

IMG_3311 by you.

I wore this outfit

IMG_3308 by you.

IMG_3306 by you.

today I over-dyed the print
with a lime yellow
it faded into this

IMG_3335 by you.


Pretty Pirate said...

Gorgeous fabric creation! I love your outfit, you are much move brave than I to wear something so fab while using dyes! That skirt is beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

that must be so fun! endless possibilities :)

chelsea said...

I want to print my own fabric so badly. Unfortunately i only have a small screen and stolen squeegee to do it with.

olga d said...

what?! you can do that? i want some links to some tutorials or such. amateur me will dye a shirt one day or something. it will turn out horrid and i'll throw it out, but nonetheless...

Caitlin said...


*Deline said...

This fabric looks BEAUTIFUL. Can't wait to see what it'll turn into.

andrea said...

I'm so into overdying!! I can't wait to see the results. I also love your shell bustier dress...I want it!!

Alison Vetrano Designs said...

YES! I knew it would come out great!!!


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