Sunday, January 11, 2009

Proud as Peacocks

These shoes were
love at first sight

I found them at the fabulous
etsy store: Avant Garb

They always have something
perfectly amazing

If you want to be spoiled
with vintage-y goodness
Check their shop out

IMG_2796 by you.

The outfit I paired
with these
fantastic shoes

Upper outfit
with two
of my beloved
Takahashi pins

IMG_2787 by you.

Up close of my coat and
eye shadow of the day

IMG_2779 by you.

The paint I played with
ended up matching my outfit

IMG_2761 by you.


dearilou said...

i love the bird pins.

Anonymous said...

you look so freakin adorable :) those shoes are to die for.

Emma Sara said...

that dress is fantastic, and with the birds is just perfect

Brooke Alexandra said...

your shoes are UNREAL!

Deborah said...

I love those shoes! They're like Roman gladiator sandals meets Egyptian!

olga d said...

i think you're quickly becoming my favorite person. if i move to sf can we be friends? non-creepily.

Olivia said...

I was at the Montreuil flea market the other day and saw a vintage hat stand. Do you know it? It reminded me of you. Come to Paris!!

harps said...

ow wow, those are stunner's! You always mix colours so well and confidently, I wish I had the same ability. Love the dress too, I'd definitely wear it.

Elena said...

Would you consider giving your readers a list of your favorite etsy shops? You always find such wonderful things on there but somehow I find it hard to navigate and never find a thing.


nookie said...

love the shoes and the brid pins:x

fiona said...

i adore you
and your style
you are amazing

L.Luna said...

Fantastic find! Your makeup is so gorgeous!

Isabel said...

Wow, those are the most unique shoes I've ever seen and they suit you so well!

lauren said...

'Allo! You are just one stylish chic,
I actually SAW those shoes LISTED on Etsy, how funny. Anyhow, you look like you just MAY like my own Etsy shop called DearGoldenVintage.
And I'll be reading this delightfully engaging blog from now on!


trishhunterfinds said...

Ok first, wow to the shoes....
second, as soon as I picked up the dress I thought of you.
That's the honest truth :)

Anonymous said...

Yes everyone shud know the basics of selecting the perfect shoes..not all will know how to walk on "Charles David high heels"
Charles David high heels..gud job done..this blog will make every women learn abt shoes..

ldvnicole said...

To Everyone: thank you so much for the love!!

To Deborah: Yeah I think you nailed it!

To Olga d: yeah lets be friends! Are you going to move to SF?

To Olivia: I will come to Paris soon (springish summer), and we must meet up!

To harps: You definately have an eye for color as well, I love your combinations!

To elena: Yeha ill do a post about that soon, good idea!

To lauren: Im want the vintage GOLD FLECKED Sweater 1960s with all my heart!!

olga d said...

gah, in my friggin dreams! i wish i could move to sf. for now, stuck on east coast.

LJ said...

those shoes.... the gold, the studs..yummmmy yummy
you look lovely my love!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Ashley said...

those shoes are incredible. really incredible.


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