Thursday, January 15, 2009

doll makeup

Ive seen Lenci dolls before
and fell in love with their felt outfits

But until I saw these particular dolls
I never put two and two together
I look EXACTLY like them
and outfits haha

sshot-2009-01-12-[10-01-02] by you.
sshot-2009-01-12-[10-09-12] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[10-54-34] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[10-13-15] by you.sshot-2009-01-09-[13-37-22] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[09-45-27] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[09-44-54] by you.

pinkdressIMG_2813 by you.
IMG_1741 by you.IMG_9198 by you.
Lets not forget the Boudoir dolls!!!
they look less like me
but I have been taking makeup tips from them :)

sshot-2009-01-12-[11-42-03] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-25-04] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-18-48] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-15-21] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[10-58-48] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[10-57-44] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-46-58] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-13-50] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-46-26] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-36-27] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-43-07] by you.sshot-2009-01-12-[11-38-23] by you.

eyeshadowIMG_2868 by you.boudoirIMG_2819 by you.


olga d said...

loves it.

hmm, at least they're not cabbage patch kids.

Eline said...

They DO look like you. That's hilarious, hahaha! XD

Pretty Pirate said...

I always knew you were a doll! hehehehe

Anonymous said...

I can only agree: You ARE a doll!
Sweet & funny post.

LJ said...

ooh la la! You look beautiful my dear!

xx-LJ from SOS!

harps said...

aww how cute! I do have to say I love your hair. I have curly hair too but am lame and straighten it. If only I wore it as well as you!

trishhunterfinds said...

Dolls are great, I wish I had a doll that looked like me... or perhaps that might scare me a little.

Anyhow, I tagged you in my blog, but I won't be offended if you don't do it as it wouldn't suit your writing style! :)

Have a nice night x

Solanah said...

They are all quite adorable, as is your hair.

Ashley said...

Ah you are a doll. I especially love the felt outfit and hat of the last doll, first set of photos.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. We'd love to add you as a Trendsetter on our site ( Email us if you're interested - - we'd love to tell you more about our site and get you up and running among our favorites!

Anonymous said...

you are a living doll!

lauren said...

Oh my gosh, that's totally wild, you DO look just like them! YOU are a LIVING doll!

hazel said...

i own so many shades of eyeshadow but NOT that amazing cream blue! it's gorgeous!!!


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