Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New bright red coat

Leather 1940 heart and arrow pin
3 little pigs and wolf pin
H&M Amish looking shirt
flea market hat
Nars Eye shadow
thrifted culottes
Vintage sweater coat

IMG_2724 by you.

Up close of my pins
and my husband

IMG_2714 by you.

Full outfit


dearilou said...

love the hat!
You always sport the best chapeau's.

paige. said...

i love that entire outfit. red is such a wonderful color.

trishhunterfinds said...

Oh I can never seem to pull off red!
I think it's my skin tone (well so I've been told) But you're right, I think I'm much better suited to the blues.
You however, like everything you wear, pull it off perfectly.

Violet Folklore said...

red red red, i am obsessed with red right now! i cannot get enough- there are three new red dresses in a row in my closet right now... and the happiness i feel about them is undiminished from the moment when i spotted them hidden in the racks of their former thrift store homes!!!! (:

Deborah said...

I adore your pins and your eye makeup!

Anonymous said...

I love your eye make-up.

april said...

ACK!!! those little piggies!!!


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