Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lazy Wednesday

IMG_2733 by you.

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What I bought


olga d said...

that green thing IS a hat, no? har har

ldvnicole said...

TO olga d: It sure is :)

Anonymous said...

This brown dress !!!!!!
Love it!
Can't wait to see you with those wonders on ...

devon maid. said...

! I love the detail around the collars, lush:)


Isabel said...

Oh wow, those are the greatest glass frames I've ever seen!

megan said...

Lazy days are the best. Nice score!

megan /

Solanah said...

Ooo, of course you got some of my favorites!

Pretty Princess said...

omg what are those little mice? earrings?

Deborah said...

vintage chic! I like the red shirt and the green headscarf you're wearing!

oni said...

so im browsing etsy today and i come across this little photo

and it reminded me so much of you the red hair and the fantastic hat!

Ulla said...

The earrings! You have such amazing style, and the true fashion eye for wonderful finds!


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